Bunch of serious stories and posts already up here on the State of the Union address, and the weak Marco Rubio response, so let’s have some fun with the senator meeting his “Waterloo,” as I dubbed it. Or: The Return of the Swig Party. Or whatever you want to call his inelegant reach for the Poland Spring bottle in the middle of his speech.

So here are five songs that might quench his, and your, thirst before the moment passes. Feel free to propose your own below. “Waterloo Sunset”?

First, the great Leadbelly with the standard, “Bring Me a Little Water, Sylvie.”

Now, Otis Redding with “You Don’t Miss Your Water,” also memoraby done by Gram Parsons and the Byrds.

Next, the classic Van Morrison “It Stoned Me,” live, with a favorite line about “oooh the water…let it run all over me.”

Now the Beach Boys offer Marco some “Cool, Cool Water,” also live, from 1971.

There are many versions of the classic Sons of the Pioneers “Cool Water,” but here’s a Hank Williams rendition that few people know about.