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11:30 AP with story about a hot subject of  day (see below)–mayors across USA chatting about how to deal with OWS in conference calls.

10:20 Today’s arrests, over 250 (so far) bring grand total for movement to (drum roll please) just over 4000, according to our friends at Occupy Arrests.

10:10 In honor of tonight’s big debate at Berkeley on setting up camp and facing arrests (see livestream below), here’s portion  of the famous speech by Mario Savio on the same steps, 1964.   Passionate calls for camping and accepting as one said "getting beaten into submission."  Super Mario’s brothers and sisters. Update: They just voted to set up camp. 

9:40  Love this idea in theory–speaker at GA in NY proposed getting around NY’s new ban on sleeping at Zuccotti by having park occupied in SHIFTS, so no need to sack out due to fresh people.  Wild.

8:50 A remark by Oakland Mayor Quan in a BBC interview has gained wide play, and no there’s a bit more.  She said that she’d been on a conference call a few days ago with 18 mayors with OWS problems, which sounds like some coordinating going on–the series of evictions have been going on the past few days.  Now in a NYT article tonight Portland mayor Sam Adams mentions TWO such calls, and reveals they were organized by the U.S. Conference of Mayors–sharing tips but not (he says) discussing their own schedule for actions.

8:05 Van Jones on Ed Schultz show: 300 national events on Nov. 17 will be even bigger now. "You mark my words: They are going to regret having done this."

8:00 I reported this a few minutes ago, now brief video of amazing OccupyDC takeover of the hdqtrs of Brookfield Properties, which owns Zuccotti Park.  They left peacefully after this.

 7:40  OccupySeattle said to be under attack.  Report of pepper spray used.  No they are on the march….4 arrested at OccupyCharlotte.

7:30 Thousands gather at Berkeley for strike activities. . .. Giant crowd for GA in Zuccotti after return….

 8:30     Folks, my e-book on Occupy — the first book on the movement — has just now gone live at Amazon.  It’s titled, 40 Days That Shook the World: From Occupy Wall Street to Occupy Everywhere. The price is just $2.99 — and 50 cents of that goes directly to OWS with the aim of feeding or sheltering Occupyers.  So it’s also a way to donate.   And it can work with Kindle, phones, iPad, Macs and PCs and more.  Also available at Amazon UK. 

5:45 Folks suddenly let back in Zuccotti Park.  Huge cheers.  Hundreds in, thousand to come.  Police announce no sleeping bags, large bags, large backpacks.  People’s Library returns within three minutes — if only with a few books.  Party atmosphere.   Restrictions will make things tough, though, but folks don’t seem to mind, judging from livestream.  Some do make plea for large batteries to replace generators, but point out OWS has a couple hundred thousand in bank right now.

5:30  I’ve moved up the livestream for your convenience, right now focusing on giant crowd in Berkeley–where they have vowed to set up tents again (that sparked police violence last week).

 4:55  Lawyer at courthouse on livestream says 1) case not over 2) Brookfield said they can return to park, just no generators, camping. Another lawyer calls it "first round of ten round fight." Camping is "undeniably political speech" and protected.

4:45 OWS loses in NY court, as temporary injunction dropped.  No tents or camping in park.  Here is full ruling.

4:30  Good piece and video at NYT on how journos, and bloodied NYC councilman, shared ride in police van for booking at station. … Big crowds and actions at Calif campuses right now –and more this evening (and harsh reactions?). 

4:00 NYC says books NOT all destroyed last night at camp and can be claimed on Wed.–and show photo (left)….With roles reversed, I wonder if cops occupying park are picking out Hipster Activists lining the park?

3:45  Boing Boing with city by city review of latest crackdowns.

3:05 Tally of at least seven accredited  journalists arrested in NY today.

2:50  AFL-CIO Chief Trumka with strong statement saying they still back OWS.  "They can take away the tarps and the tents. But they can’t slow down the Occupy Wall Street movement….This movement has created a seismic shift in our national debate — from austerity and cuts to jobs, inequality and our broken economic system.Show your solidarity by attending a Nov. 17 bridge action near you. … We are the 99%.  In Solidarity." 

2:30  L.A. next?   L.A. Times reports LAPD Chief Beck says timeline being developed for closing Occupy L.A. camp.

2:25  NYT‘s media guys David Carr and Brian Stelter chat about media clampdown in NY last night and today…. 11 NYC council members denounce raid on First Amendment grounds…. Councilman who was arrested and beaten still badly injured.

2:20  Oakland OWS to march to Berkeley to join big strike today.  Robert Reich speaking tonight at Sproul Hall.  State Senator backs the strike…Our own Peter Rothberg looks at Nov. 17 nationwide protests.

2:10  Judge in NY  just ruled that — a ruling at 3 pm

2:05 Yes, the Hipster Cop at Zuccotti today, looking sad, perhaps watching movie deal go up in smoke. Photo today.

1:45  Lawyer for OWS argues at hearing according to @cityhallnews:  "Levine: power of symbolic speech resides in fact that it is a 24 hour occupation. ‘This conveys a special message.’"…. But even if OWS loses, they would likely be allowed in park, but not with tents etc. 

1:40  I will be on Warren Olney’s national radio show at 2:10 ET on NY and my Occupy book.

1:30 Marchers from uptown arrive at Zuccotti, huge crowd there now and growing impatient with wait on court.  Rumor that 2 pm press conf on hearing but seems doubtful, tweets from hearing suggest far from over.  Brookfield just said as private firm it has no real First Amendment obligations.  Judge asks if a tent is a First Amendment statement and maybe protected.  Hoo-boy.

1:15 Note: One livestream below on very active side of park with much tension, the other chilled out.

1:10  Follow @cityhallnews for live tweeting of court hearing.

12:55 Meanwhile, what was SUPPOSED to be top story today: Strike begins at Barkeley, and supporting campuses,could be showdown there tonight.

12:50  NY Daily News tweets: "Our reporter is arrested & on bus with protesters. Says they are singing/in festive mood." …  Nearby in courtroom, large audience we are told and OWS lawyers outnumber city and Brookfield. 

12:30  NYT reporting 4 journos arrested at the 6th Ave site (now abandoned), including AP and Daily News, and total of 20.  Some arrested  "roughly." Taken in cuffs…. Court ruling on Zuccotti does not seem close at all.

12:25  It seems that the uptown 6th Avenue site, facing arrests, has voted to join their "family" at Zuccotti, who are still awaiting court ruling….Report that thousands of dollars in medicine seized or destroyed last night.

11:45 Dramatic scenes just now from NY uptown site in livestream below as clerics in collars negotiate w/ police in dispute over what Trinity controls.  Police agree to give warning before mass arrests!

11:40  NY Daily News with look at judge who granted restraining order–ACLU lawyer for 25 years….The Daily News blog very active at Zuccotti and uptown.   Drama at both.   See livestreams below (which go in and out).

11:15 No change at Zuccotti–still closed, people protesting peacefully after a few arrests.  Actress Frances McDormand is at other gathering point uptown at 6th Ave and Grand (I lived just north of there for many years).  Meanwhile, in radio interview,Oakland Mayor Quan said she was on conference call w/ 18 other mayors with OWS problems a couple of days ago but unclear if the call was to coordinate crackdowns.

10:50 Shepard Fairey just arrived with protesters in NY and passing out these new stickers, they say.

10:35 Livestream from Zuccotti below breaking up a lot, perhaps just a battery problem.  National Lawyers Guild has delivered court order to cops to open park but they are ignoring as Bloomberg dithers and schdemes

10:30  Stephen from People’s Library on the sad night there.  5000 books checked out by thieves.

10:00 Marchers heading back to Zuccotti.  NY Supreme Court rules at 11:30?….Re-make coming from Hollywood, perhaps,  on last night and Zuccotti library, "Fahrenheit 2011." 

9:30  Photo of empty Zuccotti Park right now…. Good Storify  collection of press complaints about being barred from proper coverage overnight.

9:05 Livestreams below now following NY march with police along, gathered north of Zuccotti, debating whether to go there now or wait until judge’s ruling affirmed.

8:45 Just watched Bloomberg presser.  Amazing: said he had ordered park re-opened, but now–after judge ruled eviction was improper–he has ordered it closed as need to "clarify" ruling.  So people marching there now expecting it to be open in for disturbing surprise…. Mayor claimed no injuries to protesters except those who "banged" themselves on the ground…claims media kept away or their own safety…  Will be checking people who come to Zuccotti to prevent tents etc.

8:40 From D.C., Ezra Klein says Bloomberg just did OWS a favor.   Myself, I am wondering if Russell Simmons will buy them a 5-story building near Wall St with an auditorium and spaces for library, kitchen, media area etc.

8:15  Wild: Judge issues restraining order saying Zuccotti eviction not right, seems to be based on rules for park were changed or added after occupation started.  People heading back to park, of course.  But new hearing in a few hours.  Full text here.

8:10 NYT now blogging with frequent updates. … NYC councilman arrested during night still jailed, apparently.  Unconfirmed report  that he was roughed up by police…

8:00 Seems like some kind of OWS call for people to boycott NY day after Thanksgiving and other things like that.  Also many mad about Bloomberg statement that now the protesters will have to argue only with their ideas and arguments not with camping. 

7:45 A current livestream from Foley Square as crowd awaits march and meeting to decide what to do.  Many heading for Bloomberg press conf, perhaps #OWS citizen media will get in.  Some sentiment to try to bar other press from getting in.


7:30  Crowds massing in NY for whatever. Speaker now telling crowd they can go back to park and re-occupy, just without tents and tarps, and says he will spend the night, sleep on ground.  Not sure how many will join him.   Rain off and on coming… Drummers have returned.  That could squelch the whole thing…..

7:20 A video of the eviction, others below.  Mainstream media largely kept at bay. 

7:15  After couple hours sleep….Bloomberg statement: All he did was ask people to leave Zuccotti Park for awhile so they could clean out tents and tarps etc.etc.  Says decision was his but Brookfield owner all for it. Cites dangers from generators, tents preventing fire and police from clear access. Was told could wait for winter to drive people out but didn’t want someone to get killed before then.  And so on.

5:05 Will there be media shitstorm over this? And over city barring most from park?  Reports of arrests of various reporters, most recently an NPR woman.  

4:35  NYT‘s lead story now.  Park cleared.  Huge crowd now massing.  Just turned backed a garbage truck with remains of Zuccotti.  Others at Foley Sq and they will try to unite and possibly disrupt rush hour.  Police copter overhead shining lights on protesters.

4:05  NY Observer: NYC councilman arrested and possibly beaten.  Unconfirmed report that injured.  It’s Ydanis Rodriguez.  His staffers trying to find out his  legal status and if injured…  Another man wheeled away to ambulance a few minutes ago observed by Josh Harkinson… 3 livestreams below with different settings, when they are up.

3:45 Holdouts at kitchen being pepper-sprayed or gassed — it was first believed — then wrestled to ground for arrest.  See 50-second video  and aftermath.  Note: Now told that it was  from fire extinguisher, not tear gas. Then dragged, some face down, according to witnsses.  Legal advisors barred from park…. Photo said to be of evil but rarely pictured sound cannon directed to activists… Reporter Josh Harkinson nearly arrested, escorted out of park after he got in… Video of violent attacks earlier tonight, batons swinging.

3:25 NYT does have one reporter in the park.  I believe he is relaying reports to Corey Kilgannon, who just tweeted: "ESU cops have driven into park shining lights on holdouts. Standoff at . Protesters wearing goggles and sharing last cig." He had just tweeted that they had chained themselves together at the neck with bicycle chains." Others chaining themselves to trees.  And: "The police have this super-speaker vehicle now at that has protesters scrounging for earplugs."

3:00 Michael Moore tweets: "Dozens of Occupys across US raided this weekend–& now NYC- Planned & coordinated by the Dept. of Homeland Security? Did Obama give green light?"

2:40  Two livestreams down the page, mainly inside Zuccotti,  plus new one just below, which is from streets near Zuccotti covering police/protester conflicts… Symbol of so much: with media barred, NYT carrying #OWS livestream on front page of web site now.

2:35 Ryan Devereaux of Democracy Now tweets: "NYPD never fails to breathe new life into NYC. Every time you think things are getting stale they come in & piss everyone off all over."… Reports of big crowds gathering for march near Foley Sq but can’t say how many.  

2:35  Photo of one junk pile…. Report that NY has closed air space above park so no news copters can film — unprecedented? We did have aerial view early and it disappeared… My son reports from police scanner that so many units committed to this action that they respond to a robbery elsewhere.  The 5000 books in People’s Library (including three that I wrote and donated) under siege.  Trashed or held for later? 

2:25 Media guy from OWS on livestream now (see below) saying they asked police to remove laptops and cameras and thought they had okay but stuff all thrown on junk pile. Thousands of dollars of equipment.  Almost were not even allowed to take dog. 

2:10 Hard to report what happening in totality due to brilliant timing of 1 am raid.  Livestream limited (but see below).  Most in mainstream press barred  Tweets report beating out on the streets, no telling where the Occupyers went or what happened to them.  Frantic cries of "mic check."  People could be battling away from park. New reports that all tents seized but police saying they would allow people back in but with no covering stuff at all (nicely timed to cold weather).

2:00 Sad–report of People’s Library being dismantled at park.  Things being tossed like junk by the famous red sculpture, tweeps say.

1:50  Chaos at Zuccotti.  Completely cordoned off so no one can get in — and people with cameras and media cleared from sidewalks all around.  Livestreams from  inside, though, see below.  Hard to see or say how many cops actually in park and clearing–mixed reports.  Report that Brooklyn Bridge closed. Reporter Kristen Gwynne just now: "Holy shit this us crazy pepper spray, pushing us, beating and arresting peaceful protestors."

1:00 Zuccotti raid about to happen, it is said.  I did predict this after Portland and SF clamp down.  Livestreams below but warning — it could cut out . 

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at livestream.com


 12:15 Mario Savio’s letter from jail in 1964 — as his descendents, today’s Berkeley students, get ready for Tuesday strike.  If Joan Baez shows up it could be a re-play.

12:10  Music video campaign ad for Mayor Quan in Oakland getting a lot of links just now.  The OWS wasn’t only thing cleared today — also a couple of offices in her administration (see below).  Latest on deputy mayor quitting. And her (former)  legal advisor speaks out now.

12:05 am  I’ll be on Warren Olney’s national radio show this afternoon at 2:10 for half an hour talking OWS and my new Occupy book.  Good guy Will Bunch posted something about the book just now (he wrote the excellent Kindle Single on the Brooklyn Bridge showdown).

From Late Monday

10:30 Strange story from Saturday getting more play.  Eight arrested in Dallas from OWS on Saturday with a union activist accused of felony for allegedly assaulting police.  He claims he was roughed up himself, and a video reveals how it started: with the union guy pushed off a planter by a security guard. 

8:55 Big news in Oakland:  Deputy Mayor Sharon Cornu latest to resign there, was key player…. Oakland GA planning to link up with Berkeley strikers tomorrow, plan more actions during the week and Saturday, and plan another all-day strike with unions for Nov. 19.  Also, they are back in the plaza but police say no tents or occupying.

8:20  I’ve mentioned likely coming eviction at OccupyPhilly, but here is good guy Dutin Slaughter’s full account of struggles there, decison to stay and resist, and the Radical Caucus vs. the main group.

7:55 Occupyers re-grouping now outside Oakland Library. @LucyKafanov says about 350 there.  One speaker: "We will reoccupy. We will create new tactics and new strategies."  Livestream later if things get tense.  Have been heated debates over use of some forms of violence.  Perhaps to borrow a Bushism, should call them "enhanced aggressive techniques," or some such.

6:55  New Occupy hero Makana — the Hawaiitan musician who sang epic 45-minute pro-OWS protest song for Obama, wife and world leaders on Saturday ( — has re-ignited his Twitter account  @MakanaMusic and web site, which opens with offering of free video and download of the (shorter) version of that now famous (and not bad) song, "We Are the Many." His home page blurb: "There is Love.  All Else is Propanda." 



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