Moderator Ken Chapman slides a voter’s ballot into a box at the Woodstock Town Hall in Woodstock, N.H., Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2012. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

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10:30  Romney 38%, Paul 24%, Huntsman 17%, Gingrich & Santorum battle for 4th with 10% (that’s with 70% reporting).

10:10  Wonder if Newt’s subdued speech signals he will NOT run those Bain ads–since they flopped in NH.

10:05  I’m sure the late lefty, Harry Chapin, would not be pleased to hear "Cat’s in the Cradle" playing in Santorum HQ…. earlier they played Peter Tosh’s "Get Up Stand Up."  Blasphemy.  

9:45 Mary Matalin on CNN: Romney now the champ of "moral capitalism." Attacks on him for Bain were a "sacrilege."…. Bachmann leading Cain 88 votes to 48, Fox tells us.

9:20  Anyone on TV mentioned yet–exploding their hype–that far fewer apparently voted in GOP primary today vs. 2008?

9:05 Ron Paul, who won Libertarian primary in a landslide, speaking.  Crowd raucous.  Paul hitting usual themes, including sending youth overseas to die.  Cut "military-industrial complex," not defense proper.  Get out of Afghanistan.  Indeed, exit polls show he got a large share of young vote… More good news for Romney:  Paul going to S. Carolina and buys ads hitting Newt and Santorum.  Also Huntsman going there.  So Romney more likely to beat divided field. Another race for 2nd? 

8:50  Lawrence O’Donnell defends "European socialism." … Fun video clip of the epic John Sununu interview.

8:40  Old pal David Corn tweets on Romney:  "Short speech full of conservative cliches. Hollow, shallow–and probably effective. On to the sophisticated GOP voters of South Carolina!" … Huntsman seems to be staying in race. 

8:30 Romney gets to make victory speech by 8:30.  Mitt says he’s "going back to work" tomorrow — not many others in USA can say that… Well, he won’t be able to poke fun at Obama for using teleprompter.  … Slams slams by other GOPers in recent days–the "resentment of success."  Also:  "Obama wants to turn America into a European socialist welfare state."

8:20  As I predicted: after hype that he would finish 2nd, Huntsman now seen as falling short in only finishing 3rd… Larry O’Donnell picking fight with Rachel and Ed on MSNBC by claiming Romney actually vastly UNDERperforming, historically, and based on being local candidate.

8:15 John Sununu on MSNBC just suggested Newt is a "socialist" for the Bain attack ads.  Gotta love it.   Upton Sinclair, Eugene Debs, Norman Thomas roll over in their graves.

8:00 NBC calls race for Romney, no call for 2nd.   CNN: Romney got strong 45% of Republicans, showing how little progress others made–beyond Paul and independents, who skew results. 

7:55 With 11% in, Mitt with 35% and Paul 25%, Huntsman 3rd.  Networks to make first call at 8–probably Mitt winning and too close for 2nd.

7:25 CNN reports exil poll: fiully half of voters are independents, and breaks Paui 29%, Romney 29% and Huntsman 24%….if indeed half of voters are indies, then Paul should finish 2nd….Mary Matalin so hot for Romney that Carville ought to worry.

7:20  Erin Burnett loves to "flick" and brags that she has done her first of the night (probably delighting Jon Stewart)… In the reported vote totals, Rick Perry already bagging zero percent.

7:00 Polls now closed in only some spots so votes will be counted by networks will not do projections until at least 8. … Mike Isikoff on MSNBC says that anti-union casino guy funding Newt is 8th richest American, by some counts.

6:35  CBS poll: Half or more GOP voters STILL want another option.  Trump, are you listening? Too bad Nixon is no longer tan, rested and ready…. Networks expect to call it for Mitt right at 8 when polls close–but 2nd place much later.

6:00 Polls don’t close for two hours but CNN promising exit polls in a few minutes.  Candy Crowley already claiming Romney only needs to get vote "in the thirties" and not "the forties."… Former McCain aide,  and very sour Steve Schmidt — played by pothead Woody Harrelson in upcoming HBO "Game Change" film — is back on MSNBC tonight…. Gingrich on CNN raising bar for Mitt, claiming he needs to get FIFTY percent of vote to claim a win.

5:30  From last year,  Matt Taibbi takedown of Romney, "the huckster."

5:15  Fun Calvin Trillin piece on the odd habits of Mitt Romney (h/t Robert Rosenthal) …. Poor Huntsman: now the EXPECTATION is that he finishes 2nd so he may not gain the big mo by doing so…Jos Scarb on "Hardball" says Newt spending $5 million vs. Bain may not help him at all but kill Romney….Mika B. cliams if Huntsman is nominee it would "scare" the hell out of Obama team….

4:35  The Atlantic on Huntman’s "moment" in NH.  Remember:  moment is short for….momentary…. 44 years ago for same primary I was cheering on Gene McCarthy, as head of campus group backing him, vs. LBJ, although voting was in February or March, as I recall.

4:25  One take on Occupy New Hampshire and what it accomplished during primary (some division on this)….Prediction:  Romney not releasing tax returns will be enormous issue from here on out.  True or not, suspicion will be: paid little…..Polls show Huntsman may actually finish 2nd, showing that conservative GOPers in that state not insane, or religous zealots, unlike in much of rest of nation.    Hooray for the Northeast….

4:15 In honor of primary day in NH and new controversies there:  The first "attack ads" on the screen, courtesy of a good guy Hollywood icon, to defeat the leader of one of our greatest anti-poverty mass movements: