Greg Mitchell’s "The Campaign of the Century" (on Upton Sinclair’s very influential race for governor of California in 1934) just been published in new print and e-book editions.

8:00  By now, of course, you know that Romney ended up winning by…8 votes….And no re-count alliowed.  So everyone gets what they needed and craved:  Romney a win, Santorum a very strong finish — and the media a real horse race.  Plus a new attack dog:  Gingrich.    NYT headline this morning: "Santorum’s Lean Operation Yields Muscular Result."  See you next Tuesday for New Hampshire.

1:00 People now digging up stuff on Santorum, of course.  Here’s video of Fox taking him on in 2006–when he claimed he found those missing WMD in Iraq.

12:35  Only black person I’ve seen in Iowa in coverage tonight, or on stage, was one guy counting votes at a meeting.

12:25 am  Romney takes lead — by 68 votes — while Santorum comes out to speak.  Santorum hits raising money for food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid — which, what, half of all Americans benefit from? That’s a winning strategy.  Santorum: "thank god" that people "cling to their guns and their bibles," as Obama said.  At least he does not hit "black people"–in the White House.  When speech ends, he’s up by 5 votes.

12:20  CNN reports that McCain will back Romney.


11:55 Looks like Perry returning to Texas and probably will drop out in a couple days.  No such luck re: Bachmann.

11:50  Lawrence O’Donnell more or less just called  Ed Schultz a fool for flacking for Santorum’s "manufacturing plan."  Says it’s just a corporate profit plan.

11:40  Andy Borowitz:  "Gingrich on leaving the race: ‘Not unless it gets cancer.’"

11:25 Gingirch appears, hits folks on food stamps, and Ron Paul, and then promises to smash Romney, and on to New Hampshire…. Both Lawrence O’Donnell and Steve Schmdt say Gingrich now willing to act as battering ram for Santorum and try to destroy Romney…. Santorum’s first act as president would not be bombing Iran — but nuking Google.

11:05 Ron Paul first to speak to crowd, right now…really hits foreign policy and wars hard, introduces vet who backs his foreign policy. 

11:00 Chris Matthews: Gingrich has to go after Romney "to get his manhood back." Hoo-boy.

10:55 David Carr of NYT tweets: "Watching Gore on Current, doubt he will get roped in for coverage again. Looks trapped on a cable access set with bad audio."…  Lawrence O’Donnell:  Paul will go on, and on, but has alreadty peaked. 

10:45  88% now in, Santorum takes 45 vote lead over Romney, Paul doomed to finish 3rd (and probably will be best finish anywhere).

10:40  After all the hype about GOP enthusiasm, the turnout will only be slightly higher than 2008–and totally due to Paul’s non-GOP backers….  Santorum 24.5%, Romney 23.6%, Paul 21.8% (with 59% precincts in).

10:25 So if Paul now finishes 3rd–behind Santorum–is that now judged "disappointing," especially coming in favorable state for him?

10:05 Latest with 41% in: Santo and Romney with 24%, Paul slides to 22%.  Newt with 13% and Perry 10%.

9:55 Watching former McCain aide Steve Schmidt on MSNBC panel tonight:? See below for Woody Harrelson playing him in upcoming HBO flick "Game Change."

 9:50 More from @AriMelber: "THIS is the key data: It’s not a 3-way race among self-identified Republicans: 28% for Santorum, 27% for Romney, 14% for Paul & Gingrich."   …..Even more interesting? Oldest candidate by far is most popular with young people. 

9:45 Chris Matthews just now on results: "No star on this team — no Wilt Chamberlain." You mean, no one who has slept with 10,000 women?

9:40  @Pourmecoffee tweets: "It’s not clear who won the African-American vote. Someone should ask him."

9:30  With 22% in, 3 way tie, with Santo, Paul and Mitt each with 23%….Twitter folks having fun with "Santorum three-way" jokes…. @AriMelber tweets: "Wow, Ron Paul is currently leading in Polk County, the cosmopolitan center of Iowa. (I organized 19 precincts there in 2004)."

9:05 First claim of hoax– report that Johnson out of race and backing Paul…. Not a hoax: Paul’s twitter account tweaked Huntsman, alerting him to one lonely voter who actually backed him, then deleted tweet, then reposted.

9:00 CSPAN covering actual counting of paper ballots in several sites, right now in Treynor, Iowa.  Santorum, in the end, carries it…. With 10.7% of precincts reporting: Paul 24.3%, Santorum 24.1%, Romney 23%, Gingrich 13.2%

8:55 CNN updates its entrance poll, now complete: Finds:  Paul 24%, Romney 23, Santorum 19%, Newt 13%.   Actual vote with 6% in, Santorum 24%, Paul 24%, Romney 22%…. Would love to see Iowa poll tonight on how many GOPers 1) still are birthers 2) think we found WMD in Iraq  3) think Saddam had role in 9/11.

8:30  Emerging meme tonite:  GOP doesn’t even fear Ron Paul 3rd party run because he won’t do it because will hurt son Rand….Wishing CNN’s "cube of experts" was actually "cone of silence."…. Msanwhile, after tonight, Iowa will go back to being in the "corn of silence."

8:15 CNN offers details on entrance poll:  Paul and Romney each with 24%, Santorum 16%, Newt 14%.

8:00 CNN entrance poll of caucus arrivals just announced finds: Paul, Romney, Santorum top three.   NBC and ABC agree. 

7:55 Which GOP candidate will charge massive vote fraud caused by ACORN? No voter ID required.

7:45  Adding toi the rumors: Keith Olbermann, who seemed to be out of Current’s election coverage tonight, oddly, now tweets he is not even doing his own show tonight and refers queries to his bosses….Top quote of night so far: Candy Crowley to Mary Matalin just now: "Is 4th the new 3rd?"… Howard Dean just predicted Santorum will win Iowa, but did not scream it.

7:35 And we’re ready to roll, god help us all.  One source for results: Talking Points Memo with county-by-county scoreboard. NYT is kind of "storifying" it.

7:00 Will be launching around 7:30 or so.  Meetings start about 8 ET.

Greg Mitchell has written books, originally for Random House, on two classic American campaigns: "The Campaign of the Century" (on Upton Sinclair’s race for governor of California in 1934) and "Tricky Dick and the Pink Lady" (the Nixon-Douglas race in 1950).