Continuing an Election Day tradition (first at Editor & Publisher, then Huff Post),  I will be blogging news and views all today, until after midnight.  Since many of you keep up with news sites, blogs and Twitter, I may lean heavily at times on cable TV reports, which most are probably "missing."  Updates will be added at top with an ET time stamp.  While you await results, check out my new campaign book here. Twitter: @gregmitch

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12:30 AM Alexi G and Sestak did lose. Harry Reid just declared winner. Bennet and Murray winning narrowly….Rep. John Hall lost in NY, Dan Quayle’s kid won in AZ…. polls just closing in Alaska but no way GOP can take Senate—unless Lieberman and Ben Nelson caucus with them!

10:50 Feingold has lost. Sestak in PA and Alexi G in ILL who led all night now trail. Ilario Pantano, the House hopeful who killed 2 unarmed prisoners in Iraq, then desecrated bodies, has lost. Sarah Palin and the ghost of Gerry Ferraro on Fox in mutual admiration socieity. Sad.

10:20  Rep. Cantor says "it’s great to be on  MSNBC on a night like this."…. Maddow keeps asking him about tax cuts for rich… Tom Tancredo loses gov race in Colo….Chris Matthews asks Michele Bachmann if she is "hypnotized" and "in a trance" because she gives same answer to every question…

9:55 MSNBC raises GOP pickup in House in projections to 240-195…. close Senate races still out…. Rand Paul on CNN says can’t raise taxes on rich because everyone works for rich person or serves him.

9:30 Nate Silver now giving Sestak great chance in PA, would be big Dem upset, and other Senate races too close to call. If Dems run table on close ones would be big offset to House disaster…. watching GOP victory speeches impresses one again with the lightweight, blinkered, vision.

9:05 Many expected call against Feingold now but MSNBC finds too close to call. Ditto on PA, Colo, Ill. MSNBC projects when all done GOP will hold House by 237-198, more or less. 

8:40 Big one: MSNBC calls W. Va for Manchin.  GOP taking Senate almost impossible now. Blanche Lincoln loses… Rachel says Blumenthal in CT, after his fake Vietnam record, needs to "become the Senator from IAVA." That’s the leading Iraq-Afghan vet group.

8:25 MSNBC calls CT for Blumenthal…. Kathleen Parker and Erick Erickson on CNN actually hailing number of black Tea Party candidates. CNN sets looks like football locker room with 22 starters at two tables….Nate Silver ups GOP pickups in House to 57 with Dem setbacks in VA, FLA, IND….Grayson losing badly in Fla.

8:05 MSNBC calls wins for Rubio, Coons over O’Donnell, Manchin and Blumenthal leading. 

8:00 Amazing, 9/11 "Truther" ad airs yet again on MSNBC…. Nazi cross-dresser loses to Marcy Kaptur…. Dems hold a toss-up seat in KY, helping their cause a bit….

7:45 Mike Isikoff on MSNBC says Paul first big winner under new campaign finance non-limits.

7:40 2 Dems trailing in Ind House races, bad sign…Rachel slams Indiana Tea Party people claiming anti-feds but electing Indiana guys who are lifetime Wash insiders

7:30 Best moment of MSNBC coverage so far–Rachel ripping Evan Bayh for 1) giving GOP his seat 2) keeping all the money he raised for non-race 3) slamming other Dems as TV pundit now.

7:15 Lawrence O’Donnell says no way there is ever a vote in Congress to repeal health care reform bill.  Fineman disagrees.

7:10 Lexington, KY elects openly gay mayor

7:00 As expected, races calls for Paul and Coats. Now the heavy lifting and nightmare scenarios begin.

6:55 Leaked exit polls on key Senate races—take them with grain of salt—show Dems keeping Senate due to wins by Murray, Manchin, Blumenthal. Reid race tossup. Win for Boxer. Losses for Feingold, Crist, Sestak.

6:45  Huff Post claims early exit polls show good news for Dems in tight contests.

6:40 Few Clues From Early Voting, NYT sez… Mike Pence declares victory on MSNBC, says first order of business no tax hikes at all. Lawrence O’Donnell: "That’s what they’re all about. No surprise." 

6:25 Well, networks haven’t called it for Paul and Coats yet, so that’s a plus…. need more ballots at San Diego State U due to fervor over Prop 19 and pot…. Luke Russert on MSNBC, Keith and Rachel now running show.

6:00: Ha: NYT breaks embargo on Bush memoir, obtaining copy somehow a week before pub. Remember that Bush put off to avoid election conflict.

5:45 MSNBC has been airing a 9/11 "truther" ad. Where are the protests from the anti-mosque people? 

5:40  Ed Rendell on MSNBC claims huge African-American turnout in Philly, seeing election "about Obama."  National?

5:20 CNN reports poll: John Boehner: Favorable 25 percent / Unfavorable 26 percent / Never heard of 30 percent / No opinion 19 percent…  Exit polls embargoed until 5:30, dam may burst then….

5:00  MSNBC kicks of marathon coverage—no Pat Buchanan as featured talkihg head, total tilt left. TPM up with its vote tracker now. GOP still tough fight for Senate control unless win CT and W.VA.

4:50  Frank Luntz foaming at mouth with Neil Cavuto about "Tea Party here to stay"  and poll, "Tea Party better for America than unions."  Plus Fox playing big former Gov. Doug Wilder’s critique that Obama blew it by not focusing enough on jobs. 

4:35  Nate SIlver post his election night viewers guide. Polls close in 85 minutes in KY and Rand Paul likely to be declared winner pronto.

4:25:  ABC finally and completely boots Breitbart from election coverage tonight. Surprise: Will not be replaced by Michael Savage.

4:05  O’Donnell has chance? Claiming intimidation, Dems concerned about low turnout in key Delaware counties. 

3:55  Palin just tweeted: "Headed back 2 FOX studios after break for Central Park run. (Beautiful!) Outstanding FOX team great to work w/"

3:20  NYT collects latest predictions from left, right, center. None show Dems keeping control of the House…. Watch The Daily Show’s 2002 ‘Midterm Election’ Song  

2:55  Switching off Fox before my head explodes. You messages constantly repeated there: "Vote Republican" and "Buy Gold, Preferably from Goldline." 

2:40  Huckabee on Fox denies he is part of stop-Palin drive, refuses to rule out his own race: "I have great Fox News gig." So does everyone else in field..

2:30  Fox guest calls for Obama bringing in moderate Republican as a senior adviser, a la Clinton and Gergen. New Fox mantra: "Voters are always right." Didn’t hear that in 2006 and 2008.

2:15  Megyn Kelly on Fox with guests (what a shock) Andy Card, then Laura Ingraham. The latter expects quick accomplishments from new GOPers—under WHAT scenario?  Gridlock for sure.  Megyn praising Tea Party’s "ideological purity." Blonde on Blonde. Next up: Mike Huckbee on primary challenge for Obama in 2012. Not from him, we presume.

2:05  MSNBC: People in Washington can send in ballots until late tonight so can’t possibly be counted for a few days, meaning quite possible can’t call race tonight….

1:55  Movie director brother of likely winner of Colo governor’s race, Hickenlooped, has died while visiting state.

1:50  Okay, switching over to watching TV "coverage" now. Hilarity may ensue. What’s dominating now: LA car chase! Or may just be a candidate trying to make his/her getaway.

1:40  NBC’s Chuck Todd: "Palin’s political future…on the line. If Murkowski is able to show all these GOP men, ‘Hey I stood up to Palin, I took her on.’" Meanwhile, it’s snowing up there.

1:10  Okay, folks, leaving now to, you know, vote.  Hope that’s okay.  Matt Damon will smile.

1:05   Huf Post:  Early reports point to high voter turnout in urban areas.

1:00  Wash Post first news org to pay Twitter for a "promoted" trending topic, in this case, #election.

12:45  Rachel Maddow interviewed today about how arch-conservatives captured the GOP. 

12:35  Pundits already giving Tea Party credit for giant GOP gains—while failing to mention the races they blew for party in Delaware,  New Hampshire, plus (may well turn out) Nevada, and elsewhere.  

12:20  What news orgs have planned for election night. Then there’s Fox.

Noon  Final extensive polling via Huff Post puts GOP gains in House at "just" 48, below consensus… Tom Tomorrow: "Let’s be sure we have our post-election narrative straight: Democratic losses were due to some left-wing bloggers who wanted public option! "

11:55  Adam Serwer: Sarah Palin now "pallin’ around" with radicals—i.e. Tancredo… If GOP doesn’t do so well today will we see rush of gun sales tomorrow for possible "Second Amendment remedies"? We’ve been warned.

11:45  Bizarre NYT graphic charts Twitter traffic by candidate—better after taking LSD probably. 

11:29  Tea Party already intimidating black voters in S. Carolina? And 55 complaints in Houston.

11:20  Talking Points Memo expands coverage this year—leading now with Democrats the party has already written off… What happens if California does vote to okay legal pot? Will feds step in? 

11:05  Breitbart vs. ABC in full meltdown mode now. On the brighter side, you can watch Katrina vanden Heuvel on Colbert tonight, and Chris Hayes on MSNBC.

11:00   Preparing my "Don’t Blame Me, I Live in New York" bumper sticker as Cuomo, Gillibrand, Schumer head for massive landslide wins….  Did GOP use a mimic to do Morgan Freeman’s voice, and then lie about it? 

10:50  Take a break and try to get a laugh out of this attack ad.

10:35   Tom Engelhardt: "Ballot Box Blues: The Most Dispiriting Election of a Lifetime." … Paul Krugman  "pre-mortem" blog post: Forget most punditry, mainly "the economy, stupid." 

10:25   Still the one? Latest odds still show my personal candidate Rep. John Hall as slight underdog in NY.  How he goes may go the nation….  Andy Borowitz:  "Don’t be scared by electronic voting machines. There are instructions in English, Spanish and Tea Party."

10:10   The real prize at state level today: Redistricting for next Congress (i.e. gerrymander control)….So who got most coverage of any 2010 candidate? Naturally one with little chance of winning. You guessed "witch" one. 

10:00 AM  Early morning previews: 

Nate Silver: 5 Reasons Democrats Could Beat the Polls and Hold the House….  Huff Post has its own state-by-state predictions based on polling.   Also collection of forecasts by pundits and others…. Comical David Brooks: claims those GOPers about to take over are "modest" and "sober."…. Rosanne Cash to John Boehner: ‘Stop Using My Dad’s Name as a Punchline, You Asshat.’ ….  Andy Borowitz:  "Every Election Day, the majority of us put aside our differences–and don’t vote at all."

You think this year’s campaigns dirty? This one topped them all–and check out Chamber of Commerce role.  And check out the first attack ads ever created for the screen to destroy a candidate—by MGM’s revered Irving Thalberg.