As the catastrophic consequences of inaction seep into the public consciousness people everywhere are starting to take steps to fight global warming. But it’s not enough to change light-bulbs and dispense with plastic bags — we need bold, fundamental, and rapid action on climate change — action as outlined at, and Greenpeace’s Global Hotseat.

The increasingly radicalized Sierra Club is trying to galvanize its vast membership into providing the political force that can urgently focus the politicians’ attention with its Lightbulbs to Leadership Campaign.

A major facet of this new campaign is a drive to get as many citizens as possible to weigh in on a federal proposal telling the major automotive companies to speed up their production of energy-efficient automobiles. Making cars go farther on a gallon of gas will save drivers money at the pump and cut global warming pollution. The deadline for public comment is July 1. Click here to make your voice heard and here to help spread the word.