The Gay Officers Action League on Friday released a statement on Mayor de Blasio’s decision to not march in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Manhattan.

“It’s 2014, 17 states allow gay marriage, and public attitudes across the country show support for equality and equal treatment for LGBT people. I appeal to the organizers to re-evaluate their position on exclusion and follow the lead of the Boy Scouts of America. Stop trying to divide NYC and do the right and moral thing: allow LGTB people to march in this important parade,” said Carl Locke, the president of GOAL and an NYPD detective.

A GOAL statement continued: “A city employee’s decision to not march due to discrimination is a personal one that sends a powerful message to the organizers, like Mayor de Blasio. We welcome and encourage such allies to come forward. GOAL hopes the organizers are listening and paying attention. GOAL, however, respects the decision of city employees and individuals who march in the parade to express their Irish pride.”