My intern Laura Dean makes a disturbing catch:

Judd Gregg’s been hailed as a “fresh independent voice,” who will make it more difficult for the GOP to dig in their heels to block legislation now that they have one of their own on the inside. But for a man who seems like a moderate in some respects, one wonders why in 2005, when 89 members of the Senate signed an apology for not passing an anti-lynching law– an apology with no policy implications at that– he and then fellow New Hampshire Senator John Sununu, refused to sign. At the time people speculated that with no African-American constituency to speak of, there was no particular incentive (aside from the glaring moral one!), to do so. His fellow dissenters, not surprisingly mostly Southern Republicans, are listed on the DailyKos wall of shame. Sometimes ‘sorry’ is the hardest word to say, but in this case, it should have been his easiest.

Um, what’s up with that?