After a summer abroad directing his first film (with John Oliver a surprisingly fine fill-in), Jon Stewart returned to The Daily Show last night, after cutting his beard at the start.

After a goofy opening, he offered a hard-hitting if fun look at the drive to strike Syria, leaving no doubt where he stood. Watch it, with appearances by Dubya, Paul Bremer, Rumsfeld and more. Also includes: “The ‘red line’ is just a dick-measuring ribbon.” But may lead to “Operation Just-the-Tip.”

Then he brought on the United Nations official in charge of the massive Syria refugee problem in Jordan and elswhere in the region.

Go here for results of two polls finding Americans much opposed to attack on Syria. I will modestly suggest that as war nears again, certain people ought to read or reread my book on the media and Iraq, So Wrong for So Long.

Katrina vanden Heuvel urges congress to think carefully before intervening in Syra.