Last night Jon Stewart aptly hit the US media (and blogosphere) coverage of President Obama at the Nelson Mandela funeral this week. As he put it, “No act too petty for our media to completely blow out of proportion.”

There was the handshake with Castro (not even Fidel) and the selfie (was he flirting with the PM, making his wife mad?). And now we have the “hallucinating” guy who was not really signing.

Then Jon faked hanging himself in desperation. I guess he could have called it “Mourning in America.” The segment below. Also see The Guardian on the media and the selfie.

It essentially turned a memorial service for one of the greatest modern leaders into a soap opera. And like any good soap opera, it divided the female players into sexist archetypes: in this case Thorning-Schmidt played the blonde, ditzy seductress and foil to Michelle Obama, the jealous, shrewish wife.