Freed from his Daily Show chains, John Oliver on his new HBO Sunday late-night show now tackles serious questions—still in a fun way—in segments that can run twice as long as those on his old show. Recently we hailed his take on hot issues and protests surrounding the death penalty in the USA.

Last night he turned to net neutrality, which he admitted at the start was not exactly fertile ground for (1) comedy or (2) storming the barricades. In fact, as he noted, as discussed on TV it can seem even more boring than Thomas Friedman.

But then he shattered expectations by making his primer for action both fun and maybe even inspiring. After all, if there’s one thing netizens love to do, it is to express themselves, so please flood the FCC with your comments, all you “monsters.”

And here’s one way to do it, via EFF. Their sample letter:

The Internet is important to me because, as a college business student, I need to know that there will not be barriers to entry for the new ideas and services that I hope to bring to the marketplace. If ISP subscribers have an easier time loading websites of existing companies than my new innovative product, there’s no way that I will be able to compete or succeed.