Rep. Barney Frank is in the process of bringing a package of banking reform bills to the floor. Today represented a small victory as the House Financial Services Committee, chaired by Frank, voted to approve legislation that would prevent financial institutions considered "too big to fail" from inflicting damage on the overall American economy.

The good folks at BanksterUSA, a new group offering updates and action on the financial services re-regulation fight in Congress, created this short film (with apologies to Frank Capra) to try to draw attention to the importance of financial regulation amid this crammed legislative calendar as well as to push Frank to make his legislation much stronger.

The video’s message is a simple one: We need aggressive banking reform to rein in the Mr. Potters and allow the George Baileys of the world a chance at a wonderful life! Send a message to Congress today. (And if by come chance, you’ve never seen Capra’s It’s A Wonderful Life, then check it out this holiday season — the film’s message that family, friendship, and virtue are the true definitions of wealth has resonated through generations and made it a true American classic.)



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