Since she’s not yet blogging herself, I wanted to draw some web users’ attention to Nation columnist Katha Pollitt’s call for donations to the Bosnian Initiative Frankfurt. Pollitt has been virtually alone among Americans in highlighting the great work being down by the group on behalf of children traumatized by war. As she writes in the June 25 issue of the magazine:

“As usual around this time, I’m passing the hat for the Bosnian Initiative Frankfurt, a German group that runs fantastic summer camps in Bosnia for Bosnian and other ex-Yugoslav children and weeklong gatherings in Germany for Israeli and Palestinian youth. Nation readers have been a mainstay of this effort, which helps the cause of peace by breaking down ethnic barriers. All amounts are welcome, but $150 makes you a ‘godparent,’ supporting a child’s ‘vacation from war.’ Send checks made out to ‘Bosnian Initiative Frankfurt’ to me, c/o The Nation, 33 Irving Place, New York, NY 10003, and I will forward them.”

You need to make donations by check but click here for more info on the initiative.