Rachel Maddow reports that John McCain is facing the toughest Senate race of his career against tea party conservative J.D. Hayworth. Maddow once again points out the hypocrisy of Republicans, and this time John McCain is on the hot seat. McCain recently introduced an amendment to prevent the Senate from using reconciliation to cut Medicare, even though McCain has used reconciliation to cut Medicare four times before.

Maddow turns to The Nation’s Washington editor Chris Hayes to understand why Republicans aren’t embarrassed by all of their hypocrisy. While Hayes agrees that it is partly due to desperation, he also thinks it’s because they’re trying to play to their senior citizen base. "[Republicans] will wield whatever cudgel is around…so all of a sudden they are the great defenders of Medicare," Hayes explains. "It’s an uphill climb for Republicans…. I think it’s actually not a winnable fight for them."

Morgan Ashenfelter

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