Will the death of Osama bin Laden bring change in US policy?  Last week on this show, one by one, our guests said no. Hopes are one thing; likely reality is something else.

Meanwhile, criticizing the killing seems to have become taboo and even progressives who were vociferous against Bush now cheerlead for extrajudicial targeted assassination inside a sovereign state.

President Obama told the country on 60 Minutes, again, that justice was served. Those who disagree, he said, need to have their heads examined.

It’s a kindler, gentler, "with us or against us," but Obama’s words are having the same impact. Shutting down debate. Sparking shouting matches, on TV, on Twitter, face to face.

Due process, not war, in terror cases—which John Kerry and the Democrats ran on, not even a decade back—As one sad viewer put it to me this week—"Due process is dead and I miss it."

A tiny bit of hope came this week when Democracy for America sent out an email to its supporters calling for an end to the war in Afghanistan. We might not be able to stop the cheering, but if we work together, maybe we can finally stop the war, say some. DFA is catching up with the majority of Americans who’ve polled for pull out for years now—and they’re partnering with four Senate co-sponsors of a bill to do just that.

But a warning to DFA and those valiant politicians: it’s hard to rally people around issues of war and peace at the best of times—and even harder when standing up for ideals like justice and the rule of law has liberals aiming  at your heads.

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