After several days and thousands of words about drone killings and torture and the like (see my update on alleged media “coverup” today), I thought I’d mix it up today with some hot videos. The subjects still are serious, even deadly in places, but at least the words on the page will fall away for a bit.

Although I guess the hottest video of the day is Iran showing off its captured US drone.

First: A biting, even savage, parody of that now-famous “God Made a Farmer” commercial from Super Bowl Sunday, originally produced by Chrysler for its RAM trucks, now courtesy of Funny or Die. Also, although just a script not a vid, check out “God Made a Banker.”

Next: The Brady Campaign has a new thirty-second spot calling for ban on assualt gun clips, illustrated here by showing a young man plugging a target of a school girl sixteen times in ten seconds. Plus, a viral Internet claim has been verified: More Americans have died from gun violence since 1960 than in all our wars combined.

Finally, a nice takedown of Scientology last night from Stephen Colbert, who also warns that if their lawyers come after him he might not “go clear” but “go broke.”

Read Greg Mitchell on drones and extrajudicial killings, with an update on the memos released by Barack Obama on the eve of the Brennan hearings.