The Nation‘s Greg Mitchell has been covering the WikiLeaks cable dump for over seventy days now, and his MediaFix blog has become the first stop for readers from across the web looking for their diplomatic fallout update. In this interview with Business Insider, Mitchell explains how WikiLeaks is changing the way media outlets operate, and how we get our news.

Traditional media outlets can no longer operate as the "gatekeepers" they have been for generations, Mitchell says. "They want to print the leaks, they want to decide what is important, they want to be able to patrol the information, they want to be able to decide what the public needs to know," Mitchell says, "and then hide other things." That’s not going to cut it with WikiLeaks’ massive information clearinghouse model in the picture.

Mitchell, author of The Age of WikiLeaks, says that he wanted to write the book because "there was so much publicity for cablegate in the last few months that very few people really remember what happened earlier." For a sampling of the cables’ revelations, check out Mitchell’s run down of why WikiLeaks matters.

—Kevin Gosztola