On The Ed Show Tuesday night, The Nation‘s John Nichols discusses whether Republican Governor Scott Walker’s next move will be laying off teachers and other public workers. The past two weeks, Nichols says, has seen nothing but "threat upon threat upon threat" from Walker.

As host Ed Schultz points out, polls show that Wisconsinites are no longer on their governor’s side. Cornered and cowed by the public response, Walker is now on a "media tour," Nichols says. His "political people" did not expect this to happen.

Nichols says that Walker is caught up in the moment, proud to be the right wing’s darling and the center of the media’s attention. However, after Walker fell for a prank call of a political blogger pretending to be right-wing magnate David Koch, the balance of power may be shifting in Wisconsin workers’ favor. Read Nichols’s latest post on how this prank call may change the game in Madison.

—Kevin Gosztola