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Big Ben Bernanke speech today. Strong Krugman column lays it on the line with its title: "This is not a recovery." And he’s not referring to Tiger Woods.  AP "The government is about to confirm what many people have felt for some time: The economy barely has a pulse."

Call it "Nuts & Dolts"?  Matt Taibbi: Tea Party threat growing and "Fox hate" reaching new levels this summer– almost like "Radio Rwanda." …. Tim Egan piece title says it all: "Building a Nation of Know-Nothings." ….  Albert Pujols and rightwing manager Tony LaRussa to attend Beck’s rally tomorrow. 

Latest animation from those Taiwanese wacko geniuses: the "mosque" controversy, right up to cabbie stabbing. 

Huff Post with videos made by guy who slashed Muslim cabbie — some on PTSD, plus a "Funny or Die."  Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Daily Show last night strongy defended "mosque" project near Ground Zero.

Times-Picayune photographers remember Hurricane Katrina. 

John Goodman, who didn’t die in "Treme" after all, appears in Harry Shearer’s "The Big Uneasy" doc on "unnatural disaster" that struck NOLA, in 150 theaters on Monday.   Wendell Pierce lends his voice, too.   PBS’s "Need to Know" tonight features Harry and excerpts.

DEDICATED FOLLOWERS OF FASHION  Girls will be boys: how Kinks song "Lola" describes "cross-dressing phase" of modern political economies. (h/t Barbara Bedway)

CHICAGO BLUES:  My new article here: On my political baptism by fire — at 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago, 42 years ago this week.

REMAINS OF WAR   Mother Jones:  A photographic tally of what America is really leaving behind in Iraq. 

FINE AUTO-TUNING  The gang tackles –hysterical but accurate — that big NPR/ ProPublica probe of how bankers self-dealing fueled financial crisis.


VITTER MEDICINE  From TPM: Sen. David Vitter lawyers threatened media on behalf of girlfriend stabbing staffer.

BITS & PIECES   USA Today to lay off 130 staffers, "deemphasize" print edition.…..PBS show "Need to Know" tonight with major segment on the controversy around "fracking" gas drilling…. PolitiFact rates most ‘honest" pundits on Obama and "Muslim" claim, with Bill O’Reilly at bottom….. Meanwhiile, comes word l O’Reilly attended screening of porn classic "Devil in Miss Jones" for Boston Phoenix in 1974… .


Yes, we used "I Have a Scheme" first, but Jon Stewart still did a bitingly funny segment on Glenn Beck’s big Lincoln Memorial rally this weekend.  Plus Colbert, like Beck, launches his own "university," watch here.

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For 47th anniversary of MLK Jr.’s "I Have a Dream" speech, here’s Peter, Paul & Mary doing "Blowin’ in the WInd" that day.