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14 more US or NATO troops killed in Afghanistan in past 2 days. Is this an issue in any US election race?

Big news: Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert announced last night—watch here—they would combine their 10/30 events under the banner "Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear," guaranteeing even bigger turnout. Oprah helps out, too. NYT piece on rally probes media deliberations over how to cover the damn thing, plus reveals there will also be satellite events around the USA and world. Nearly 300,000 have already signed up at Facebook as certain attendees. 

My new piece here at The Nation (in print next week): When a grassroots movement pushed a Democratic president to the LEFT, not the right—and also inspired the birth of the modern political campaign and Hollywood’s first major plunge into politics. Yes, the president was Roosevelt and the movement was EPIC, or End Poverty in California, led by Upton Sinclair—drawn from my book The Campaign of the Century. NOTE: I’ll be on NPR’s "On the Media" this weekend, check your listings or find it online.

Great updated Gilbert & Sullivan with Obama answering his critics in "I Am the Very Model of a US President." 


MoveOn.org polling: Voters wants to know who is funding election ads, as uproar continues over cash bonanza this year.

Banks’ foreclosure frenzy:  "Hyena grabs leg of still-twitching gazelle, to pull it away from other hyenas."

FEAR FACTOR   If you somehow missed the The View  "walkout" over Bill O’Reilly statements on the mosque and Muslims, here’s an update.

CHILE CON CARNIVAL Wild: Kirk Douglas compares Chilean mine media coverage to the similar scenes in his great film "Ace in the Hole." BTW, great rental…. Andy Borowitz: "Sadly, the Chilean miners are more up-to-date on current events than Christine O’Donnell."

ON THE CAN-PAIN TRAIL New poll finds Democrat Joe Manchin now with 10% lead in "hickey" W. Va…. Latest from Calif on Brown vs. Whitman…. Gallup: Obama’s approval rating, historiclaly, actually very high relative to Congress…. By most accounts, Harry Reid failed to helped himself in Nevada "dud in the desert" debate last night, here are video highlights….


TLC has released trailer for its upcoming eight-part "reality" series, "Sarah Palin’s Alaska." The following is NOT a parody video.



There’s a much-awaited tribute/collaboration CD coming for Ray Davies of the Kinks (yes, I interviewed him a couple of times for Crawdaddy during the 1970s), starring Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Lucinda Williams and more. Here’s a bit of "You Really Got Me" with Metallica.