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Folks, due to extra work this morning, I have to cut this short today but return for more later and all weekend right here!

New jobs numbers released this morning: disappointing growth but  official unemployment down to 9.4 percent (of course, we all know real unemp much higher).

Gates swings:  If you can belive it, Pentagon seeking, or at least accepting, biggest cuts since 9/11. 

The exit of NPR’s Ellen Weiss after probe of the Juan Williams case.

You’ve been warned: Rummy anyone? Don Rumsfeld to kick off publicity for his book on Feb. 7 in interview with Diane Sawyer.

Leaking, old style: ex-CIA officer busted at last after key leaks to reporter, reputedly James Risen of NYT.

Yes, I am live-blogging WIkiLeaks yet again for day #41, here.  A major NYT piece on U.S. warning hundreds abroad about alleged dangers posed by still unreleased cables. Massive number of items from yesterday here.

Bill Daley picked as new White House chief of staff, wants Dems on more "moderate" path. Labor may not be happy. Also, he opposed healthcare reform and new consumer agency. What, no Republicans available for the post? Well, if Dems get out of line, he can always call out the cops to bust a few heads, like his Dad.


What it’s really like to be a Young Black Republican.




World’s greatest singer meets world’s greatest songwriter.

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