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HIllary Clinton expected to announce today that Israelis and Palestinians to resume direct talks after 20 month lag, seen as victory for Obama team…. Meanwhile, U.S. may have convinced Israel that it will take at least a year for Iran to build a nuclear weapon (assuming it is doing this) — Obama administration  feels it has halted Israel move to maybe pre-emptively bomb. 

Andy Borowitz on U.S. troop pullout this week: "The withdrawal from Iraq is a withdrawal in the sense that Cher’s first farewell tour was a farewell."

Roger, Over and Out: The politics of Roger Clemens getting indicted on charges of false statements to Congress about his use of performance-enhancing drugs. Remember? GOPers on panel fawned over Clemens while Dems were critical. Now Clemens hammered as we were heading for extra innings.

AP fact check debunks falsehoods about proposed NYC Islamic center. Powerline blog guy mad that AP reported as fact that Obama is not a Muslim. AP memo advises staff against using "Ground Zero mosque." …. Howard Dean tries to defend his call to move "mosque," pressed by Keith Olbermann.

CNN: Muslims pray in Pentagon chapel built less than 100 feet from where 9/11 plane hit….Florida church vows to burn copies of Koran on 9/11, despite fire department objection.

Big piece in this Sunday’s NYT Magazine: Why won’t today’s 20-somethings grow up or at least move out of parents’ house or something? (Yeah, tell me about it.) 

Sarah Palin continues to defend Laura Schlesinger over "N-word" uproar.

Note to fans:  No afternoon updates today, and no Saturday Daybook. Hey, guy needs a break once in awhile.

AS OBAMA ARRIVES AT VINEYARD Mark Knoller of CBS tallies the vacation days at same point in terms: Obama 70, Bush 223.

TALKIN’ NEW YORKER BLUES?  Ace New Yorker music guy Alex Ross chats with historian Sean Wilentz about his new Bob Dylan book.

OFF TARGET  MSNBC rejects MoveOn.org ad calling for protest of Target in campaign funding protest.

THOSE WERE THE DAYS, MY FRIEND?  Time complies a list of the ten things today’s kids will never experience, including camera film, the glory days of Nick At Nite, and music videos on MTV. What about reading a hardcover book? Or magazine in print?

PAT ANSWERS AT LAST  My new piece on Pat Tillman film opening today, with trailer, interview and round-up of rave reviews.

ANOTHER TAXI TO THE DARK SIDE  Coming Sept. 7 on HBO: "My Trip to al-Qaeda", project of New Yorker‘s Lawrence Wright and Oscar-winning director Alex Gibney.

BITS & PIECES  Haaretz: The ongoing saga of the U.S. Navy "swastika" building. 


With the latest hype over U.S. troop "pullout" in Iraq, seems apt to re-play the classic Colbert and Carell "Even Stephen/Steven" episode when they pretended a debate before the war. 



With partial U.S. troop pullout in Iraq, time for Phil Ochs’  "The War Is Over."  It really wasn’t really when he sang it either — U.S. was still in Vietnam.  Why he called it "surreal" and "futuristic."