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"Gumbo for the Gulf" house parties in 26 states to be held this weekend, with backing from Anthony Bourdain, other well-known foodies. 

Barry Ritholtz looks behind new  numbers for June: Unemployment rate falls to 9.5% but jobs actually lost.

Wonderful Michael Steele gaffe causing uproar (even if true), in which he suggests we can’t win in Afghanistan — see as he triesto dig out…. Heralded doc on Afghan unit Restrepo opens today nationwide…. As we have predicted, the upcoming film on Pat Tillman (due in August) will make Gen. McChyrstal’s retirement a lot less relaxing, Newsweek reports.

Great cartoon: "The 24 Types of Libertarian."

Andrew Sullivan says he’ll pray for recovery of uber-atheist Christopher Hitchens "just to piss him off." 


NYT‘s defense of not routinely calling waterboarding "torture" here, in chat with Mike Calderone of Yahoo! But their argument that they were just adopting a "middle ground" and aware of political pressures is slammed by many,  including here. Also here. Plus our own Chris Hayes on MSNBC. The media group FAIR points out that it’s been calling out the NYT on this since 2004.

Glenn Beck actually declares the "founding" of "Beck University." Will Bunch has a go at it here. BU probably has already suspended its campus newspaper and kicked the liberal student groups out.

Sen. Cantwell backs FinReg, giviing Dems crucial boost… 

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GRAHAM PARSES:  Here’s this Sunday’s NYT Mag profile of Lindsey Graham, with a quote that will spark a Tea Party challenge:  "The problem with the Tea Party, I think it’s just unsustainable because they can never come up with a coherent vision for governing the country. It will die out.”

AUSTERE IN WRONG DIRECTION?  Yet another Paul Krugman column on his fear and loathing re: the new "austerity" consensus among Serious People (and governments) and how it will doom us.  Note: Krugman will guest on Charlie Rose show tonight.

BYRD WATCHING   First news photographer allowed in US Senate chamber since 1961 to snap Senator Byrd’s casket.

BATTLE OF THE ANDREWS   It’s Sullivan vs. Breitbart on offering to pay $100,000 for JournoList archives, Breitbart and others hit back, and then Sullivan returns serve, all here. Don’t worry, Palin is involved here somewhere.

BORNE IN THE USA  My colleague Peter Rothberg picks his dozen all-time "most patriotic" songs, with videos, including everyone from Warren Zevon and Sam Cooke to Paul Robeson and Pete Seeger.

SETTING PRESIDENTS  Poll of historians (once again) finds Bush as one of the worst presidents, at #43, and below Nixon, again. Obama already at #15, three spots ahead of Reagan, so you know Fox will be blasting this any second now.

GUNNING FOR KAGAN  NRA says it will oppose Kagan  nomination, and publicize how Senators vote on her. 

BITS & PIECESCJR: Message control tighter under Obama than Bush…   New site from Free Press called Corruption Road, on "How Corporate Money and Astro Turf Pollute Media Policy"… Sen. Lindsey Graham: “I Ain’t Gay. Sorry.” Your punchline here…. Lizard King on the throne? Jim Morrison haunts bathroom at Santa Monica eatery.


Wackiest conservative quotes in recent times all collected in one place,  from Joe Barton and the Chicken Lady to Limbaugh and Beck, plus Sarah Palin meets Katie Couric, and that "Macaca" moment.  



Johnny Cash explains why he is The Man in Black: "I wear the black for the poor and beaten down…. I wear it for the sick and the lonely old…"  And more.