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U.S. unemployment rate climbs to 9.6 percent in August; private sector added only 67,000 jobs.  But losses mainly due to census ending …..Krugman sticking to story: stimulus saved us,  we just need more of it….    Ex-OMB director Peter Orszag to write NYT Op-Ecolumn once or twice a month. Debuts Tuesday.  

Joe Biden will be on Colbert’s salute to troops next Wednesday….  Let’s hope Stephen drops the "Victory" theme by then….. Internal AP memo: Do not report that combat is over in Iraq. 

Watch brief teaser for my upcoming book on Upton Sinclair’s incredibly influential (and wild) race for governor of California in 1934, which inspired the invention of the modern political campaign–and Hollywood’s first all-out entry into politics.

HItchens will do "series" on his ailment called "Topic of Cancer." Here is new installment, largely about people praying for him or praying he renounces atheism. Here is the video Hitchens refers to for "placing bets" on whether he renounces atheism.

David Plouffe reportedly angling for old job with Obama campaign for 2012….  Seemed unlikely two years ago, but now the "youth vote" is up for grabs in this year’s elections–yes, they’re liberal on social issues but horrendous job outlooks for many draws them away from Democrats…..Whitman leads Brown by 7 percent in CA-Gov race…  Thin Reid:  Nevada Senate race also a tossup. 

My latest piece here:  Fun, amazing, 1952 TV commercials for Ike and Adlai — when not being a military man was seen as a plus, Democrats then believed.

Alex Gibney film on Lawrence Wright’s great "Looming Towers" book (and one-man stage show) coming on Tuesday from HBO.  I’ll have interview with Wright up Monday night here.  

TOUCHING ARGUMENT  Tea Party candidate opposes masturbation. Will Rep. Castle take a stand? Or take it iying down?

BOB AND WEAVE  New Bob Woodward book on Obama’s first year in office, still untitled, with a lot of debate over Afghan policy, arriving Sept. 27.

TO HEALTH AND BACK   Your health premiums at work go up a lot last year?  Could be that for the first time, study finds, employers passed ALL the increases on to workers.

GIVE PIECE A CHANCE  Time magazine’s new cover story: "Why Israel Doesn’t Care About Peace."

ALSO, OGLES LADY GAGA?    Pic for Rolling Stone story:  Don Draper checks his iPhone.

BITS & PIECES   L.A. Times on Breitbart here …. John Stossel continues to go after the Americans with Disabilities Act ..  Coming from NYT Mag on Sunday–how London tabloid listened in on, and ‘hacked," the elite, right up to "the royals."  Piece now posted

COURT NOT IN SESSION  Pew survey: 53% admit they can’t name chief justice of Supreme  Court (can’t even guess)–only 28% know it’s Roberts.


Democrats in Lousiana, knowing that most voters have forgotten, or never knew, about Sen. David Vitter’s prostitution ties, have  produce a real howler, a 5-minut e"documentary" true crimes takeoff complete with shadowy figures and re-enactments of condom disposal.



Time is right to remember the late Alex Chilton and Big Star’s "September Gurls."