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For anyone who missed Isabel Macdonald’s demolition of Dobbs on MSNBC last night, here’s a clip. And more on Good Morning America today.

It could only be from Politico: John Boehner as the new Don Draper, noting "Boehner’s individualistic, confident personality, even as he keeps the rest of his look classic.” Side-by-side pics. 

Republican candidates now running against…Colbert. See story and 2 new ads. Plus, Stephen mocks his own testimony on Letterman….Richard Dawkins on Bill Maher tonight on HBO, and on the other hand, P.J. O’Rourke.

Chinese activist wins Nobel Peace Prize. Here’s great background from Human Rights Watch. Obama calls on China government to release fellow Nobel laureate—full statement: 

Today’s numbers: Economy loses 95,000 jobs but unemployment rate steady at 9.6 percent.

Andrew Sullivan: The WaPo’s New Low, as Fred Hiatt publishes D’Souza’s "Kenyan anti-colonialist" Obama poison. 

Terrific L.A. Times probe, after getting emails, on how administration made "rash" decision in firing Shirley Sherrod.

Headline of week: "Virginia candidate Krystal Ball Angry Over Posting of Racy Photos." She had ex-husband on a leash, used sex toys, etc. And that’s her real name.

My book The Campaign of the Century just went on sale, on one of most influential political campaigns ever—Upton Sinclair’s incredible 1934 race for governor of California and the birth of modern electoral politics. In paper now, "e-editions" to come.

OUT AT HOME Good Daily Show bit last night on foreclosure crisis.

FOX IN THE HENHOUSE Fox 5 (NYC) "in-your-face" investigative reporter Charles Leaf arrested for sexual assault on a minor. http://journ.us/d1k6WZ

DAVID & GOLIATH I’m sure you’ve been withholding judgment on The Social Network until David Brooks’ take.

ON THE CAN-PAIN TRAIL Epic Rachel Maddow battle with GOP candidate last night…. Jane Hamsher: Top 10 Reasons the Democrats Might Do Better In 2010 Than You Think. I agree…. Good NYT animated video here explaining the news campaign finance landscape…. Christine O’Donnell blames "liberal media" for "character assassination."… Carl Paladino yesterday ran statewide ad that say campaign is NOT about sex and affairs—but notes opponent Andrew Cuomo’s prowess." 

TRADE OFF? Andy Borowitz: "Hillary to Become VP—Biden Named President of Afghanistan—Karzai Traded to Vikings" 

WOODWARD & MITCHELL  Here’s my intro to online chat with Bob Woodward that I hosting yesterday at FDL and the comments and questions and answers.

ART IN HEAVEN? Woman arrested after destroying art work depicting priestly sex abuse at gallery in Colorado.


If you watched the HBO film on Springsteen last night, or didn’t, here’s a short video on how I met him…in Sing Sing Prison.