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The depressing postponement of repeal of DADT in the Senate—a profile in lack of courage.

Still reeling from criticism from base on tax cut plan, Obama proposes overall tax overhaul for next year…  Obama’s EPA is also retreating on long-expted toughter emissions standards in face of growing GOP strength…  David Brooks hails "Obama’s Very Good Week." Enough said… Dave Weigel of Slate tweets: "Is anyone selling a ‘YES, WE CAVE’ shirt yet?"

Our man Jeremy Scahill’ s testimony at House Judiciary Committee today on covert US shadow wars.

Here is my live blog today on WIkiLeaks news and views.

The "Palestinian Gandhi" remains in Israeli prison.  Also, check out recent great doc film  Bodrus for background on a predecessor.

Don’t miss my live book chat about my  "The Campaign of the Century" (Upton Sinclair’s race for governor of California and birth of media politics) and ask your Q at Fire Dog Lake tomorrow at 5 pm ET

I continue to live blog Wiki news and views every day. Here’s yesterday’s dozens of items. Some late highlights follow.


NYT confirms Reuters story from yesterday about rumored next big WikiLeaks release—on Guantanamo detainees, with Assange holding files on all 800 prisoners from awhile back… James Rainey of LA Times on why WikiLeakers are not quite Rosa Parks, plus this advice: "Leaker-people, make your business about the leaks, not your leader."… We reported earlier mystery of that Wiki-related e-book suddenly disappearing from Amazon.  Turns out author himself pulled it, not Amazon…  Wired: Military bans thumb drives, disks, threatens court martials, to stop leaks.

Assange attorney, after meeting with him for one hour only, says Assange wishes to defend himself against charges he is directing or applauding hacking: "It is absolutely false. He did not make any such instruction, and indeed he sees that as a deliberate attempt to conflate hacking organisations [with] WikiLeaks, which is not a hacking organisation. It is a news organisation and a publisher." Also planning for US espionage charges and extradition move, which some say may be imminent.

SORRY CHARLES  Prince Charles’s car attacked in escalating London student protests over massive tuition hikes—but they thought he and others inside were merely "Tory scum."  But UK outraged….

BITS & PIECES  NYT joins Ebert in panning The Tourist—disappointment from director of the truly great The Lives of OthersJim Morrison gets pardoned in Florida but still not pardoned for some of The Doors’ crappy late albums.



Seemingly every WIki revelation of past twelve days boiled down in one wacky three-minute global recap.



After this week, in and out of Congress, it seems like a good time to go with one of the greatest songs ever, Dylan’s "Chimes of Freedom," here done by The Boss, 1988.  "Tolling for the luckless, the abandoned, the forsaked/ Tolling for the outcast, burning constantly at stake."


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