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Glenn Greenwald with a major probe of the very strange case of the outing of that alleged WikiLeaks source for Iraq "murder" video and much more.

Don’t miss fun new site of the day: Apologize to BP.   Like, totally.  You can even submit your own apology. 

Tony Hayward, like Michael Scott once had to do, handing over "day-to-day" responsibilities at BP.  May get life back, such as it is.  More here, plus video.

Mother Jones:  Al Franken takes on the U.S. Supreme Court under Roberts: the rights they care most about are those belonging to corporations, not people, and there’s more danger ahead.

NYT probes the controversy over call that cost USA a World Cup win.  Good golly, miss by Mali?  …  What Happens When You Auto-Tune a Vuvuzela? Geekosystem Investigates…. NY Yankees announced today a ban on the horns at the Stadium. 

That rumored Obama admininistration move against Arizona immigration law now looks like it is going forward… And here’s new Democrat ad hitting Joe Barton for his "shakedown" charge.



Dan Barry:  Tony Hayward played his part in "ritual" of public "shaming" well.  British media not so tough on "affable geologist" Tony Hayward.   But you may want to check out how The Guardian covers it all today.  Barton Fink:  Rep. Joe Barton forced to apologize for his apology to BP.  Apology for the apology for the apology coming?

Inmate in Utah executed by a firing squad this morning.     (See my book with Robert Jay Lifton, Who Owns Death?) The Guardian with usual depressing rundown of which countries still execute. 

George Will in his column coming on Sunday raises big red flag about Afghanistan and need to disengage.  Find Mike Allen’s preview down the page a bit....  Wash Post’s Leila Fadel on state of mental health services in Iraq. Sad.

Jon Stewart’s take on Barton and the "Strife Aquatic."

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 HORNS OF AFRICA   The Onion:   South African Vuvuzela Philharmonic angered by soccer games breaking out during concerts.

GREENE DAZE   Democrats in S. Carolina refuse to oust  Alvin  "It’s Not Easy Being" Greene as party’s candidate for Senate, despite facing felony obscenity charges. 

RAZING ARIZONA:  Hillary Clinton says we’ll sue them over immigration law.

BLOODY GOOD JOB   Sir Harry Evans hails "Bloody Sunday" report — and how Times of London probe, back in 1972, helped start the long, long process toward justice.   He was editor then.

AND WHAT IF THEY’D LOST?   The usual post-championship reaction — fans of winning team celebrate by wrecking or burning things.  This time in L.A. for Lakers.

HEADED WHERE?   Cargo worker at airport in Little Rock opens three boxes and discovers — 45 human heads. 

JUNK SHOT NEEDED  From that @BPGlobalPR faux Twitter feed:    "Yes!  Sean Hannity doesn’t blame us!  We’d hire him, but the feds say we’ve got one too many gaping holes spewing garbage."   Andy Borowitz:  "Say what you will about BP, they sure discovered a lot of f***ing oil down there"…. Ben Craw, formerly at TPM and now at Huff Post, finds amazingly similar Tony Hayward’s testimony to Congress — and text of him reciting in recent BP ads. 


BITS & PIECES  Nebraska town torn as vote nears on banning businesses that hire illegals.  Shape of things to come?….Earlier this week we recommended Jay Rosen’s piece on the "actual ideology" of political reporters, knowing it would stir up a response.  It has.  He’s promised to respond….


He’s baaack: Remember Dale Peterson, the Alabama candidate for Ag Commisioner, whose wild campaign ad went viral? Now he’s returned to endorse a former rival, firing off a shotgun to make a point!


To mark the final episode of Treme coming this Sunday, here’s the great Allen Toussaint with Elvis Costello (boht appeared early in the series) doing Allen’s "Yes We Can Can," which should have been Obama’s official campaign song in 2008.