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New survey: 3 in 4 GOPers and Tea Partiers believe God has granted USA a special place in history and in the world. 

Roger Ailes almost apologizes for calling NPR people "Nazis."  Almost… NPR SVP Rehm: “We are disappointed that Mr Ailes directed his apology only to the ADL"… Keith Olbermann pounces, says to Jon Stewart, see, I told you no equivalency between the Fox loonies and MSNBCers… Will NPR’s Liasson defend her colleagues from Ailes’s claims that they are "Nazis"? 

Jon Stewart, meanwhile, responds (remember, Ailes called him "crazy") with one of his epic two-part blasts at (and as) Glenn Beck. Yes, Ailes and George Soros are involved and Beck is "The Manchurian Lunatic." Here’s Part II:

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Close Encounters of the TSA Kind. Or: When pat downs become pants down?…  Nate Silver with interesting analysis of economic costs of the crackdown, and other costs…

PBS ombud: a mistake to cut Tina Fey’s "political" remarks on Mark Twain show this week.

George W. Bush on Leno. Jokes about mistaking "black testicles" for "back test results." And so on… David Corn: When Bush joked about those missing WMDs. Also not mentioned in new book.

WHAT’S UP, DOCS?  Academy names 15 finalists for best doc film Oscar—very good list, from Spitzer to Glenn Gould, I’ve seen most. Got to go with Tillman, though.

THE BUSINESS SECTION  Econ blogger Yves Smith notes that this week’s House session on foreclosure fraud made a major dent in bank assertions that foreclosure problems are mere paperwork issues. Maxine Waters grilled regulators. (h/t Barbara Bedway)

BABBLING BROOKS  David Brooks sees hope for Newsweek, because "There is an anxious seriousness in the air, waiting for an outlet." Huh?

PATTI TAKES THE CAKE  My new piece: Congrats to Patti Smith on winning National Book Award—I published her first mag piece in 1975.

TAIBBI vs. GERGEN  Fun, and telling confrontation, between Matt Taibbi and David Gergen (what a pair) over Bob Rubin and the White House’s supposed "hostitlity" to business.

BITS & PIECES  Sharron Angle praises Pinochet for privatizing social security: "Sometimes dictators have good ideas"… John Judis does not agree that Obama should focus too much on winning back Independents…


Spike Jonze’s new video for Arcade Fire’s "The Suburbs."




In honor of Patti Smith winning a National Book Award, here she is in 2007 doing her classic version of Van the Man’s "Gloria."


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