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The New Republic,  in Cohen study of left-liberal "silence" on Afghanistan,  notes two main exceptionsThe Nation and Mother Jones.

Weekly Standard selling Obama "stress doll"  that allows you to crush Obama’s head in your hand.

Soccer to me:   World Cup began this morning with 1-1 tie in South Africa.   Colbert last night: "I hate soccer–one more thing the world is trying to cram down our throats."  If you dare: The Onion has a guide here, and Dave Barry comments here.

Newsweek cover story coming tomorrow: "Saint Sarah: What Palin’s Appeal to Conservative Christian Women Says about Feminism and the Future of the Religious Right."   Vanity Fair has some fun with devlish alternative images of Palin  (left) for that cover while Jezebel calls her "false prophet" of feminism….  Bill Maher on HBO tonight brings together (?) Rachel Maddow, Oliver Stone, Bill Frist and Jon Meacham.

Media Matters has what it calls an "exclusive" look at Glenn Beck’s wacky upcoming novel:  "As we slogged through its many plot holes, ridiculous narrative devices, and long-winded limited-government sermonizing passed off as dialogue, we singled out ten moments that define The Overton Window as the truly and remarkably awful novel that it is."   Even a sex scene where the man advises,  "don’t tease the panther."  That’s already inspired dozens of Beck jokes.

Clinton Library will NOT turn over Elena Kagan’s notes on Paula Jones case…..Shep Smith today interviews teen who accused Alvin Greene (Dem candidate for Senate in S. Carolina)  of showing her porn in school….. Why it’s not easy to boycott BP….   Israel government apologizes for sending that "We Con the World" video making fun of flotilla victims to journalists. … If you missed George W. Bush’s first video on his Facebook page. 

Gulf Recovery Act coming?  ….  We’ve noted Twitter and BP going after popular faux Twitter feed @BPGlobalPR.  Now others arriving, including one that  links  two evildoers @GoldmanHeartsBP.  Sample tweet: "After long day of trading worthless stocks, we flew in fresh sushi from Gulf. Favs?  The oily tuna roll and dead crab tempura."  And:  "Testimonial to inbreeding: GS chairman was also a BP chairman til recently. Here’s to that Appalachian flair!"

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McCHRYSTAL’S NEW PERSUASION?   Gen. McChrystal admits pace of gains in Afghanistan slower than planned so we will, ahem, have to stay there even longer than the even longer we have already spent.  And I do mean "spent." ….  American Prospect:  Bagram as U.S. prison colony as  "administration is considering using Bagram as a Gitmo-like legal black hole even after it turns over control of the prison to the Afghan government.."….2 more U.S. troops killed today, bringing total in Afghan to at least 21 in past 10 days.

IN THE DRINK   Revised oil leak estimates mean there’s been an Exxon Valdez in the Gulf — every 8 days…. Rolling Stone has big story on The Spill — no, not the same of hot rock group, but the oil leak, and hits Obama and Salazar hard… Jon Stewart on Sen. Grassley’s idea of using beer ingredients on oil spill: "What’s the idea, get Gulf so drunk it will throw up the oil?"….. Video features Tony Heyward and oil slick images over Skeeter Davis’s "End of the World."

DEATH THREAT  Man pleads guilty of  threatening to kill Sen. Patty Murray over health care vote, faces 10 years in prison–second such case this week (other re:  Rep. Bart Stupak).

IS OBAMA LIFE OF THE PARTY?  Here’s this coming Sunday’s NYT Magazine cover story by Matt Bai on: Is Obama doing enough to help his party? … Almost too-classic Politico piece on that photo of shirtless Obama staffers.

LES, THEN ZERO  Disgraceful: Mediaite actually features views of  World Net Daily’s Les Kinsolving–once paid by apartheid S. Africa, virulently anti-gay, Birther, longtime joke punchline–on Helen Thomas.  

WHAT’S NEXT, "CADILLAC SHACK"?  Chevrolet, to save brand, wants all us to stop using "Chevy."   Don McLean freaking out, can no longer sing about driving his Chevy to the levy?   Actor–and Maryland city–need to change name to Chevrolet Chase?   UPDATE: Company, after protest, drops hard line.

HEADS ROLL OVER GRAVES  Army confirms at least 200 remains in Arlington Cemetery may have been misidentified or misplaced.  Report released on this and other problems.  Heads roll, mainly thanks to Mark Benjamin’s reporting for past year.  

ON THE CAN-PAIN TRAIL   Keith Olbermann interviews man of mystery — and Dem candidate for U.S. Senate in S. Carolina — Alvin Greene.  Wild.  But he denies he’s a GOP plant.  NYT also probes. …. Huff Post’s Sam Stein on how the left got behind Bill Halter, took big loss, and lessons?

BLOODY BAD  Finally, after 12-year probe, Guardian reports Ireland’s Bloody Sunday killings to be ruled unlawful – prosecutions of British soldiers could follow.  All Ireland awaiting next week’s report via national TV special.  Paul Greengrass’s  Bloody Sunday movie one of best of past decade.


THE CLIMATE IT AIN’T A-CHANGIN:  Good set of links from Ezra Klein on yesterday’s absurd actions and non-actions on global warming, which clearly is being punted down the road (again) on The Hill.

SARAH SMILE  Don’t miss:  Fun scenario for what would happen if Obama took up Palin on her challenge to "call me."

BITS & PIECES    Der Spiegel:  My old pal Daniel Ellsberg on  Obama:   Yeah, he’d vote for him again, but has real problems with civil liberties record. …. PolitFact checks another wacky chain email, this one on U.S. deporting 15 million immigrants in past.  But is this best use of their time?… McClatchy’s great Tom Lasseter on growth and corruption in China.


"That’s what she said" has been the longest-running inside joke (that’s what she said) on The Office.  Now here’s what’s being touted as the first filmed example, courtesy of Alfred Hitchcock (that’s what she said).   



One great song that will, unfortunately, never get old — but with special resonance this month,  Steve Earle’s "Jerusalem."