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Jobless rate falls to 9.7%.  Andrew Sullivan collects some reactions, including  Felix Salmon:  at this rate the fall will not be enough to save Dems in November.

NYT with full blog treatment of what the Gore marriage breakup means–for others.  Lot of links, too.

It’s come to this: Liz Cheney faults Obama  (who has refused to condemn Israel) for simply saying, pro forma,  that loss of life in  flotilla raid was "tragic." …. Important Glenn Greenwald post today: How Israeli propaganda shaped U.S. media coverage of ship assault–as made clear as eyewitnesses finally can talk.CNN:  Autopsy results in and show:  show all 9 victims died of gunshot wounds, one at very close range, like execution…..  What a shock:  Sen.  Harry Reid says Israel’s attack on flotilla okay and so is it’s self-probe of it. …. Krauthammer now guilty of "Israel Derangement Syndrome"?…. 

M.J. Rosenberg on right wing (e.g. Beck) fervid backing of Israel….. Thinking the unthinkable–or not?  Michael Wolff asks, "What if we drop Israel?"  …. Marcy Winogrand, running against  Rep. Jane Harmon in Calif., questions her backer, Rep.  Henry Waxman:  Is he more loyal to U.S. or to israel?  He fires back.

Does new Palin robo-call for Nikki Haley break the law?  Meanwhile, Nikki says she’ll resign as governor–if either of the sexual affairs she’s charged with pan out. 

Lot of controversy being sparked by Chris Bowers post  at OpenLeft.  Like many others, he’s happy that Nate SIlver (538.com) has gained wider platform in new NYT deal–but this is just latest of "amateur" expert bloggers being "taken over" (or at least hosted) by mainstream giants.  Good or bad?

Remember Iraq?  Good NY Review of Books piece here on its "Summer of Uncertainty"…. Jeremy Scahill expands on big Wash Post on Obama expanding covert ops abroad.  Great time to be young, gifted  and a mercenary. ….

Young male audience bait?   New Daily Show correspondent, Olivia Munn, debuted last night.  Besides experience at gamer show G4 she has done Playboy cover and Maxim spread….. Our own Katrina, Andrew Sullivan, Van Jones on Bill Maher tonight….. Huff Post just dumped longtimer Hillary Rosen due to her BP ties.


PELICANS’ BRIEF:  Some evidence latest effortt to "cap" well may work.  Obama cancels overseas trip.  Stirring the public, one of many great photos from Gulf: Pelican completely covered in oil. More here from Boston Globe.   Top New Orleans chefs travel to coast to inspect shrimp and oyster prospects.  McClatchy:  Contradicting BP’s CEO, who pointed to food poisoning,  Feds say Gulf illnesses may come from cleaning fluid.

ON THE CAN-PAIN TRAIL  Tough month for GOP frontrunner for S.Carolina gov Nikki Haley.  First the affair claims and now (remember, she was raised a Sikh) a GOP state senator says:   "We already got one raghead in the White House, we don’t need a raghead in the governor’s mansion." He later apologized, saying it was meant as a "joke." Does every  S. Carolina contest look like screening of Deliverance?   PLUS:  Linda McMahon, wrestling mogul and now GOP candidate for Senate in CT, says jury still out on steroids being harmful for health. Mark Kirk, GOP nominee for Obama’s old Senate seat, admits to even more errors on his bio.

ISRAEL/GAZA  NYT editorial calls for truly "independent" inquiry of Israeli ship assault.  Laughable israeli account of ship assaault.   Israeli officer: "No real activist was injured. No soldiers killed… the result is near perfect.." So here’s some firsthand accounts from ship passengers you did not see on American TV.   On The Daily Show last night Jon Stewart mocked Glenn Beck (and TV coverage in general) for his absurd claim that MSM refused to show footage of commandos getting hit by ship activists.  Here it is: 

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WOODEN STANCE   It’s not just Twitter:  Last night Wash Post reported legendary UCLA b-ball coach John Wooden had died.  Then retracted.  Here is page they had and admitting mistake.

MORE ON ISRAEL/GAZA CRISIS   Rightwing Israelis try offensive  "We Are the World" video parody to mock flotilla activists. Ackerman on Israel’s "lost decade." But Alan Dershowitz naturally finds Israel’s action enitrely "lawful" and suggests passengers were "combatants" and lost civilian status…. Leon Wieseltier "Israel does not need enemies: it has itself. Or more precisely: it has its government. The Netanyahu-Barak government has somehow found a way to lose the moral high ground, the all-important war for symbols and meanings, to Hamas. That is quite an accomplishment."   Matt Yglesias keeps focus on blockade and conditions in Gaza.

PERFECT STORM  David Corn:  Baseball commish Bud "Lite" Selig is "the enemy of the perfect."  Olbermann still so upset he has Ken Burns on his show to discuss historical context of ump’s blown call.

BUT WHERE’S AQUALUNG? Great satiric BP bashing using kids’ cartoons/comics (including SpongeBob and Aquaman), billboards, defacing gas pumps here.

AMERICANS BUFFALOED:  From David Mamet for Funny or Die,  "A Lost Masterpiece of Pornography," allegedly from the 1930s, June Crenshsaw: Sex Kitten to the Supreme Court.


OBAMA & MILLENNIAL THINKING  Millenials helped elect Obama—can he rally them again for midterm elections? TIm Egan thinks so, and suggests he asks young people to volunteer to travel to Gulf areas (an FDR-like move). 

GETTING "REAL"   Nation editor on Bill Maher Real Time show tonite, with Judd Apatow, Andrew Sullivan, others.

PORN IN THE  USA  Survey finds amazing stats on popularity of online porn.  Beyond raw numbers, favorite day for watching is Sunday, most active state—Utah.  Much more.

BITS & PIECES  Ruth Marcus hits fellow pundits who want Obama to "emote" more on Gulf crisis. Froomkin: Bush admitting waterboarding endangers troops. AZ Gov. Brewer, caught telling lie about father fighting Nazis: "you’re trying to make a liar out of me."  Still, she met with Obama Thursday.


Yes, it’s a rapping weatherman.  Apparently he does this regularly.  It’s not the beat, it’s the humanity.