We’ve touted John Oliver’s new HBO Sunday night show, but here we go again: He hosted a great climate change “debate” last night—fun but with a serious edge (as with his anti–death penalty segment last week).

So last night he hosted a “debate” between Bill Nye, science guy, and ninety-six others who agree with him, vs. three skeptics (which reflects the reality, not the Fox News version).

In contrast, here is how the level-playing-field debate is usually handled, with Bill Nye vs. S.E. Cupp.

In other late-night TV comedy news: Larry Wilmore, longtime Daily Show “senior black correpsondent” and a star writer, has been picked to take over Stephen Colbert’s time slot at Comedy Central when the great one departs early next year for the Letterman time slot. No, Larry will not portray a blowhard African-American Fox News star because…there aren’t any? But it would be cool if he pronounced the title of his show, The Minority Report, as “The Minority Re-pore.”