All I got today is this Think Again. It’s called “Perception, Reality, and Responsibility in the Gulf Oil Spill” and it’s got a lot of stuff in it that I’m betting you don’t already know, here.


I went to this Summerstage show in Central Park the other night, in which Michael Dorf of City Winery corralled a whole bunch of performers to do Simon and Garfunkel songs, almost exclusively as duets. (Both Paul and Artie were present but did not play.)  I had a better time than the Times’ Ben Ratliff did.  First off, Ollabelle is a great little band. Second, the songs are almost all uniformly great. Third, some of the versions were too.  My favorites were “Baby Driver” by Jorma and Larry Clark; “The Only Living Boy in New York” by Aimee Mann and John Roderick, Loudon Wainright and Lucy Wainright Roche singing “Bleecker Street" and Livingston Taylor and Jill Sobule who were "Feeling Groovy".  Actually, I have more favorites than that. Look at the setlist here and be jealous. The money went to City Parks Foundation. (And hey, look, Paul Simon has my exact hat; but I don’t wear it to hide any bald spots; not yet at least.)

Also, I’m reading this really fun book.  Here’s a quote  you could use on the paperback if it weren’t already published. “Sitting shiva was never so much fun, or so dirty (insofar as I am aware…)” Here is how the publicity material describes it:  “The death of Judd Foxman’s father marks the first time that the entire Foxman clan has congregated in years.  There is, however, one conspicuous absence: Judd’s wife, Jen, whose affair with his radio-shock-jock boss has recently become public.  Simultaneously mourning the demise of his father and his marriage, Judd joins his family as they reluctantly sit shiva-and spend seven days and seven nights under the same roof.  This is Where I Leave You is the story of a dysfunctional family who learn that while death does bring us together, it doesn’t always bring us closer.” 

I never heard of the guy buy my new friend the  much admired chick (dog) novelist Alison Pace says she knew he was great. Anyway as you know, you can trust me, totally.