For weeks at Media Fix we’ve been previewing the vitally important antinuclear film Countdown to Zero. Just today we paid tribute to it in airing the classic trailer for Dr. Strangelove. Now Countdown to Zero will be opening in New York and DC this Friday, and rolled out around the country on July 30.

It may scare the pants off you—scare you straight into taking action. I’ll be writing more about it this week, but for now we are offering an exclusive look at the PSA for the film.

You may remember that the popular Al Gore—inspired film An Inconvenient Truth closed with tips on how to get involved in fighting global warming. The producer of that film, Lawrence Bender, went on to produce Inglourious Basterds and now Countdown to Zero, and his new film similarly closes with an urging to get involved in carrying out what the film illustrates and advises—that is, begin to get rid of all nuclear weapons.

Here’s the PSA below, which features Bender saying, "If you go see the movie, you’re going to want to act," and urges the creation of a new "movement."

The aim is to lobby your senators to approve the START treaty—and go to the Take Part website to sign the Global Zero declaration, download discussion guides, and watch the trailer. "The goal is to have millions and millions of people sign this declaration," Bender declares. "Demand zero."

As the former editor of Nuclear Times magazine—and author (with Robert Jay Lifton) of Hiroshima in America, and dozens of articles about The Bomb since 1982—it’s a subject close to my heart. Watch the PSA here, go see the film and… act.