For Take Action Now this week, we’re focused on the United States’s unconstitutional support for Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen, passing a clean DREAM Act, and this month’s congressional recess.

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Tweet at Congress to demand a clean DREAM Act. This week, the Trump administration revealed the long list of anti-immigrant policies it expects in exchange for relief for nearly 800,000 undocumented immigrants brought here as children. Use UnitedWeDream’s tool to tweet at key members of Congress to demand that they pass a clean DREAM Act, meaning no doors shut to children fleeing violence in Central America, no laws that will keep families separated, and no money for Trump’s wall.


Demand a vote in Congress to end US support for Saudi Arabia’s horrific war in Yemen. The Nation’s Katrina vanden Heuvel and John Nichols have both recently written about the devastation caused by Saudi Arabia’s bombing of Yemen—including millions pushed to the brink of famine and hundreds of thousands infected with cholera—and the American support that makes that destruction possible. After years of the US providing supplies and intelligence without authorization from Congress, some members of the House want to force their fellow members to publicly take a stand. Call your representative today at 202-224-3121 and demand that they co-sponsor the Khanna-Massie resolution (H.Con.Res.81). Just Foreign Policy has a script to make your call easy.


Plan a visit to confront your members of Congress while they are home on recess. Once again, members of Congress are home in their districts (the Senate this week and the House next week) and once again, it’s our job to make sure they know where we stand. Indivisible has a great guide to confronting your elected officials on key issues, such as Puerto Rico relief, the DREAM Act, and Trump’s tax cut for the wealthy. You can find already-scheduled Indivisible events here or Town Halls here.