Fifty-eight percent of the American people support Jack Murtha’s plan to properly rest, train and equip American troops before deploying them into battle, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. Too bad Congress continues to lag behind the public when it comes to what to do about Iraq.

According to the Post, conservative Democrats are upset that Murtha introduced his plan on a “liberal web site.” Oh my goodness, a liberal web site! How provocative. What in the world was Murtha thinking?

He knew that the media would twist his words, as they so often do. So he decided to host an in-depth online chat with Tom Andrews, the head of Win Without War and a former Congressman from Maine, who’s not exactly a Bolshevik.

The details of Murtha’s proposal, which he hoped to attach to the Bush Administration’s latest $100 billion supplemental funding request, had been reported before, including by yours truly. Obviously the “liberal web site” isn’t the problem. Pro-war Democrats should say what they really think–they’re afraid of Republicans attacking them for not “supporting the troops.”

Memo to Congress: Don’t blame the Democratic base for your own insecurity. And stop hiding behind the troops. They, like everyone else, want to get out of the quagmire in the desert.