I had the pleasure of spending a weekend at an event put on by the Arca Foundation earlier this spring. Donna Edwards was there, in her capacity as the foundation’s president, and I got a chance to hang out and chat. I came away supremely impressed by her intellect, passion and wisdom. Also, her clear-eyed understanding of what’s broken about Washington.

As of today, Edwards is a United States Congresswoman.

Edwards’ victory against Al Wynn was the second time since 2005 that the entire progressive infrastructure, old and new, all worked together side by side: SEIU, EMILY’s List, the Netroots, MoveOn and many others. (The first was the fight to save Social Security). It’s one of the most ringing political victories for the forces of justice and sanity this year, and everyone who helped make it happen should take a moment today to savor it.

Congratulations, Donna.