Dr. George Tiller, one of the few physicians in the United States who
performed late term abortions was murdered Sunday in the foyer of his
church in Kansas. He is the eighth abortion provider murdered in the US
since 1977
and his death is indicative of a larger assault on health
clinics and providers who offer reproductive services, including
abortion. Jennifer Pozner says that such actions are really cases of
textbook terrorism and need to be identified as such.

Lynn Paltrow, Founder and Executive Director of National Advocates for
Pregnant Women
, Jennifer Pozner, Executive Director of Women In Media &
News (WIMN)
, a media analysis, education and advocacy group, Sunsara
, a writer for Revolution Newspaper, and an abortion provider in
the south take on the media’s response to Tiller’s death and discuss
what pro-choice organizations need to do moving forward.

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