If you have any questions at all about tomorrow’s voting—where to vote? How to respond if your vote is challenged? What policy differences split the alderman candidates in your town?—then check out Theballot.org.

With dozens of expected toss-up races nationwide, each individual vote may be more important than ever tomorrow. And Theballot.org, a project of the League of Young Voters’ PAC, has all the logistical info you need plus a nifty map offering links to more than 350 local voter guides in each state created by well-known progressive stalwarts like Sierra Club and SEIU as well as smaller, grassroots groups.

One of the project’s creators, Billy Wimsatt, explained the website’s impetus in The Huffington Post:

"The truth is that most of us have no freaking clue what is on our ballots—especially down ballot stuff (judges, county assessors, local ballot measures, etc). Honestly, it’s intimidating, even for me. But Local Voter guides don’t just help with down ballot. The act of creating, reading, and sharing local voter guides makes us knowledgeable, confident, and empowered to share the guides with our friends and talk to them about what’s on the ballot, and the importance of voting on TUESDAY."

The best of the guides are personal and local created by local bloggers, political junkies, and informal groups that tell you in plain English (or Spanish or Korean, Russian or Mandarin) basic facts and info on races and ballot measures all the way down the ballot to the School Board and Alderman’s races. Find one for your area today.