When asked by George Stephanopoulos in the Sunday Republican debate to list his mistakes, Rudy Giuliani replied, “George, your father is a priest. I can explain it to your father, not to you.”

To help the Mayor’s memory for his meeting with Father Stephanopoulos, I thought we should offer up a few suggestions for his list.

1. Informing his former wife, Donna Hannover, that he was divorcing her during a press conference.

2. Alienating his children to the point where his son refuses to campaign for him and his daughter announced on Facebook that she supported Barack Obama for president.

3. Pitching scandal ridden Bernard Kerik as Homeland Security Chief, or for that matter giving Bernard Kerik a job in the first place.

4. Putting the Emergency Command Center in 7 World Trade Center building, despite the 1993 WTC bombing.

5. His handling of the Amadou Diallo shooting. In fact his handling of all race relations in the city.

I could go on and on. But I encourage you to add your thoughts on this message board and/or in the comments section below. Rudy has a way of claiming credit for everyone else’s successes while shuffling off blame for his own. Let’s call him out on it.