Yesterday, I blogged about a Pakistani couple that had been detained by Immigrations and Custom Enforcement for apparently no good reason.

Today comes word they’ve been released:

The Hashmis have been released! It seems that efforts on many fronts–grassroots, legal, and political–sent a powerful message to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The Hashmis arrived home late Wednesday night. They are tired but relieved to be home with their daughters. They have three short weeks left in the US.

Message from Waheed and Nusrat Hashmi:

We are so touched by the outpouring of sympathy and concern that came during our ordeal. So much love and support came from the people we know and from people we will probably never meet. It was a horrible experience but despite what was done to us, you all helped us keep our faith in humanity. We need to continue to speak out against a system that is utterly inhumane and inconsistent in its handling of immigration issues. We feel that people who are decent, honest, hard working and who obey the law should be valued, and respected, and honored–not put in jail. We all need to continue to speak out against atrocities committed against innocent people. Thank you for everything!