I have no idea whether Hillary Clinton should stay in the primary race or not. People who’ve done the math say there’s just about no chance she can squeak past Obama, which would make it kind of pointless to keep going. But of all the people who could conceivably advise her to campaign till the bitter end, I’ll bet the last person she’d like to hear from is Ralph Nader. I translate his letter, which John Nichols quotes approvingly in The Notion, as follows:

Dear Hillary,

I didn’t care about the consequences of my 2000 run (not that I ever admit that there were any! Florida? Not my fault! ) and neither should you care about the consequences of staying in the primaries. Consequences is for sissies and people who don’t care about the First Amendment and other high-minded stuff. Besides, the Democratic party is evil! If dragging out the primaries till June or July hurts it in November, so much the better — you might do for the Dems in 2008 what didn’t do (did not! did not!) in 2000. I understand exactly how painful it must be to have everyone crushing so hard on Obama– he’s bewitched a lot of my former supporters too, which I just don’t get, since he is, after all, a Democrat, like, um, Al Gore. It’s like they’ve forgotten that the parties are basically the same and that the most important thing is to just express yourself no matter what. In fact, if you lose the nomination, why not run on your own? that’s what I’m doing — it’s fun!


Your new best friend,