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Daffy Tea Party (and Sarah Palin) fave Christine O’Donnell upsets Rep. Mike Castle in GOP Senate primary in Delaware—and party’s leadership so appalled it says it won’t help her in fall race, likely tossing seat to formerly underdog Dem. Even Karl Rove on Fox knocks her, then gets attacked by the right. Update: CQ says Castle will not endorse O’Donnell.

Rachel Maddow unearthed Christine O’Donnell on MTV in 1996 pushing her anti-masturbation views (including, If a guy pleasures himself, what good am I?). Plus,  she is on Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect in 1998, below. She’s billed as a "Christian activist," but he greets her onstage with a whisper, "Thanks for the underwear." 

Where’s the left?  Every one of the thirty-four House Democrats who voted against healthcare reform made it through primaries unscathed. But progressives did score big win vs. Swett in NH Dem primary race for Congress. 

So much for anti-incumbency media line: Larry Sabato notes that  417 Senators  & Reps. have been renominated, seven lost (98 percent won).

Rep.  Rangel wins contested primary, heading for victory in November.  Wild man Tea Party fave Carl Paladino with upset win in GOP primary for governor, faces Andrews Cuomo… GOP Senate primary in N.H. still too close to call.  Much more on all the results here from Wash Post…  Still the one?  Daily Kos poll shows our old pal Rep. John Hall in tough fight now as sane, well-funded GOPer wins primary.

Jon Stewart last night pointed out that Bill O’Reilly can’t even get the name of Andy Griffith’s Mayberry girlfriend right. 

THE GAGA DOLL  Maureen Dowd: In the age of Lady Gaga, Newt Gingrich is simply gaga in his linking Obama to foreign birth and foreign views—and putting America "at risk"…  Andy Borowitz tweets:  "Newt Gingrich calls Obama ‘Kenyan’? Tough talk for someone born in Moronia."

AMERICAN HERO?  Part 2 of my story on US soldier who chose suicide after refusing to go along with torture. 

BOMB SIGHTS  Terrific NYT story about photographers and cameraman in secret unit who covered  atomic bomb blasts, some  risked lives, with lots of multimedia in this package.  Also see my recent probe here of shocking cover-up of films from Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

KNOCKING, ON STEPHEN’s DOOR  Princeton historian Sean Wilentz endures Stephen Colbert’s taunts about Bob Dylan in discussing his new book.

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CONNING THE CANDIDATES  Fun piece on mischievious-makers who bedevil political candidates by buying up internet domain names that suggest  their names.

BITS & PIECES  If you missed Bill Clinton hitting Rachel Maddow for calling him a great "Republican President."….Not about pet goats, one hopes: New children’s book  coming from President Obama… Good piece:   On Jeffrey Goldberg, Israel and Iran. 


Although getting strong competition from the current Tea Party, the Disney version remain the wackiest.




More from the band Beirut, here with guest singer from Grizzly Bear: "A plague on the work house, a plague on the poor, now I’ll beat on my drum until I’m dead."