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Peter Beinert, who has been doing great work on Israel the past few weeks,  writes today that Obama got "rolled" by Bibi in chat yesterday. And Dana Milbank offers this amazing assessment: "Obama came to office with an admirable hope of reviving Middle East peace efforts by appealing to the Arab world and positioning himself as more of an honest broker. But he has now learned the painful lesson that domestic politics won’t allow such a stand."

Best news of day: BBC reports that drinking several cups of coffee or tea a day cuts heart disease risk.

John McCain is latest Republican to say they are voting against confirming  Elena Kagan. McCain says he will not vote for Kagan because of her decision to bar military recruiters.  An opinion piece outlining McCain’s decision will be printed in tomorrow’s USA Today.

The White House finally speaks to base voters: Gibbs says Obama thinks lawsuit against AZ law is "right" thing to do: http://bit.ly/cgCoUr

Jon Stewart on GOPers cutting off benefits for unemployed fearing handouts make them lazy: "The gravy train is over! Well, not so much gravy as the ketchup-packet soup train.”

Details on MIchael Hastings’s  book deal from The Guardian.  

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to California? Gov. Schwarzenegger has signed a historic "egg bill" which requires that starting in 2015, all shell (whole) eggs sold in California must come from hens who were able to stand up, lie down, turn around, and fully extend their limbs without touching one another or the sides of an enclosure.

Andy Borowitz:  "BP Says Oil in Gulf Must be Changed Every Six Months."   I’d add: Or every 3000 miles of drifting.


New (bad) landmark: Oil from Gulf leak finally reaches Lake Pontchartrain. Also today: AP with report on gulf hosting 27,000 abandoned wells.

Stephen Colbert promoting United Farm Workers "Take Our Jobs" campaign which, slightly tongue-in-cheek, reveals they are tired of Americans complaining that immigrants are stealing their jobs: "So farm workers are offering up a day of work in the field. Experienced field workers will train legal Americans to harvest seasonal goods in states like Florida and California." Line forms at the right. 

Rachel Maddow reported from Kabul last night (with tape from Kandahar), raising issues about why we are still there and is it worth it?  Here’s 11-minute key video… Would you risk your life for a gallon or two of gasoline? Check out this photo from Afghanistan.

HELL AND THOMAS  Politico looks at wife of Clarence Thomas and her work for pro-Tea Party group—which has raised money for secret sources (surely they are not trying to curry favor for SCOTUS?)

WAR ON ERROR  In "The Crux of our Endless War on Terror, " Glenn Greenwald returns to recent confirmations by Leon Panetta and others about Afghanistan: "All of this ongoing war and those hundreds of billions of dollars spent and those deaths and the decade of occupation, and those bombings and shootings and drone attacks and lawless prisons and habeas-stripping court precedents: it’s all (ostensibly) for a few hundred extremists total hiding in remote tribal areas. A few hundred. "

KING JAMES VERSION  Will  Bunch tweets: "Knicks to announce Thursday: Lebron James as a ‘recess appointment,’ bypassing NBA confirmation rules." My view: LeBron will announced he replacing on TV either Larry King or Steve Carell plus paying all those lapsed unemployment benefits for all through Labor Day. 

GET "MAD" AND GET EVEN  Can’t wait for the July 25 debut of Mad Men? Our friends at JibJab have unleashed a tool that you put yourself and your friends in the series as characters. 

ISSA FOR REAL?  Former Bill Maher fave, Rep. Darrell Issa of California, anointed Obama’s "annoyer-in-chief."  His jet-black Congressional hair is "brilliantly in place and perfectly stagnant."

THE BP GAME  Yes, as ProPublica notes, there was a 1970 BP offshore drilling board game. One result:  "Blow-out! Rig damaged. Oil slick clean-up costs. Pay $1 million." 

DAVID NO GOLIATH  My new piece here on when cowardly Brooks failed "the Palin test" when it really counted—during the 2008 campaign.

SUNNY SIDE WAY UP  NYT writers cook tuna on baking sidewalk in NY, try to fry the proverbial egg, don’t quite succeed.

BE MY BIBI  McClatchy: More on Obama and Bibi patching up differences (in public)—is this a helpful or hurtful sign? 

HANNAH AND HER SITTERS?  The great Hannah Allam—Middle East bureau chief for McClatchy (I put her on the cover of E&P six  years ago)—is five months pregmant and still working in war zone.  Just had a baby shower attended by other long-timers.

THEY ALWAYS BLAME BARACK  Andy Borowitz:  "BREAKING: Michael Steele Says All His Idiotic Comments Were Actually Made by Obama."  Or that Muppet character that Jon Stewart keeps showing?

BITS & PIECES   Update on Daily Show women defending show from Jezebel attack…  Alvin Greene, that upset Dem winner in S. Carolina race, has idea on how to create jobs in his state: produce Alvin Greene "action figures"… Roger Ebert: Do you value a good video game over Huckleberry Finn?…  Should Andrew Brietbart’s new site Big Peace instead been called Big Piece of Work? 


 The Onion has launched a new video series, more costly than anything it has done—and also, it will cost you, via iTunes.  But here’s the free trailer looking ahead to the year 2137. 


Fun parody of OK Go viral videos, via Babelgum.  "Giant Pie" supposedly took 36 months to shoot…. took weeks alone to decide on the fillings for the pie….