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Brand new Vanity Fair profile of Sarah Palin sure to enrage fans–wait for backlash any minute now.  

Once again, a great Anthony Shadid piece on how many average Iraqis feel really "nothing’s changed" in quality of their lives since Saddam ousted…. Rachel Maddow claims Obama in Iraq speech last night left war proponents off easy. It’s a wonder Judy Miller didn’t show up on Fox claiming WMD are still out there…  Proto-hawk Bill Kristol kinda liked the speech. 

Tom Friedman says Obama making audacious moves in Iraq and on Israel and Palestinians–expect progress in, maybe, one Friedman Unit…. Spencer Ackerman with 5 points on the speech (quicker Afghan exit? who says we’re really gone soon in Iraq?)…  Too bad the thousands of troops and vets who have committed suicide in recent years not here to view Obama speech.

Meanwhile, in his memoirs, Tony Blair says he "wept" over lives lost in Iraq — but still justifies invasion. 

NYT‘s James Glanz visits grave of a former colleague killed in Iraq….. As 6 more U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan,  19 in four days.  But hey, it’s still early.

My new piece here re-visiting this day five years ago when my blog carried chilling news from New Orleans, with one newspaper site a life line for some.

David Corn: Glenn Beck’s "whopper" about touching George Washington disputed. …. Wash Post probes how Glenn Beck has gotten away with being a Mormon, leading a Christian revival — but many Christians don’t even believe Mormons are Christians.   Perhaps his most of his followers are still in the dark about that — as with so much else…. And Kathleen Parker finds in him the "addictive" personality of a former addict and hopes he "gets well" soon.

Today’s episode:  Man beats guy in turban, says, go home, : “You’re not even American, you’re Al-Qaeda.” 

BUNCH OF THE RIGHT STUFF  Excerpt from new book "Backlash" by Will Bunch on rightwing in era of Obama.

ISLAM STEW   TPM analyzes recent polls and finds "mainstreaming" of anti-Muslim (and anti-Obama) beliefs, especially among GOPers.  

MEET MY FRIEND  Maureen Dowd on Obama’s renovation of the Oval Office–but what he really needs is to pull an Al "Scarface" Pacino on GOP’s "young guns."  

SALT ON WOUNDS   Massive cuts at Deseret News in Salt Lake City — 43% of staff, and top publisher and editor,  gone.  They say the usual about now they can "innovate."   Yeah, like the Brits at Dresden.

BUY "AMERICAN"  Roger Ebert is not anti-"American" — the new George Clooney thriller, in this case.

PALIN WIN  McClatchy:  Alaska absentee count brought  bad news for Murkowski.  And now she has officially conceded to Palin pal, Joe "Brawny" MIller.

BECK CURSES CARDS    St. Louis Cardinals lose 4th straight since manager and star attended Beck rally–may need to go on Maddow to get curse lifted….


I bet you didn’t know about the hot if short-lived 1990s "chick duo" featuring two of Alaska’s greatest native sons–err, daughters–Sarah Palin (on flute) and Jewel (on guitar).  They tried many names for the act before settling on Sarah Barracuda and The Jewel.  Now here’s the shocking Behind the Music segment. 



Coolest vid of week is interactive Arcade Fire experiment, best used on Google Chrome, for its great song off The Suburbs called "We Used to Wait."  It features, if you put in your home address or  (even better) childhood home, your neighborhood right in the video–aerial view and street view, courtesy of Google features.  Here’s the link to how to get started and below is pretty much how it plays out, though not in this case with YOUR old home.