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Simpson and Bowles release their final report on deficit reduction, including sharp defense cuts, raising retirement age and so on.  Chance of others agreeing: possibly zero.

NYT editorial backs quick action on abandoning DADT.   Here’s the news rundown and Pentagon chief Gates’ reaction.

Senate finally passes food safety bill with, at last, some bipartisan support. 

Reuters reports that Bank of America shares declined by 3 percent on Tuesday, after investors heard reports that BOA may be the unnamed  bank  that is the focus of the next trove of documents to be released by WikiLeaks next year.

As I warned: Experts now question N. Korea-Iran missile deal in Wikileaks that NYT and others in US media went nuts over,  Wash Post reports.   

One again, I blogged the latest news and views on WikiLeaks yesterday.  And I’m doing it again today–go here for the latest on Day 4.   Here are some of latest from last night and early today:  Pentagon chief Robt Gates off the reservation: fallout from WikiLeaks will be "fairly modest" for foreign policy….Interpol issues warrant on "fugitive" Julian Assange…..Classic, from NYTHow Blackwater turned to pirate-hunting as a way to drum up new business…..Bombshell from The Guardian? UK promised in 2009  to protect U.S. interests in official Chilcot inquiry on Iraq war–now a "coverup" charged. 

Time magazine with "exclusive" Assange interview — love this, via Skype from an "undisclosed location." (A deep bunker I hope, to avoid drones.)   He says Hillary Clinton should resign over UN and embassy spying, which NYT and others here don’t seem to really care about.   He reminds media (which usually gets this wrong) that these  cables are being redacted "carefully"—hence the slow rollout—and confirms a bank is next big Wikileaks target.

HOMER WINS GAME   A fun Fox family feud between Bill O’Reilly and…"The Simpsons."  D’oh!

THE DRILL THING  Big fracking deal:  NY state legislature  backs hydro-fracking moratorium.  Gov. Patterson undecided on signing.

WHEN JULIAN MET STEPHEN   When he could still show his face in public, here’s Julian Assange on the Colbert show last April.  Now it’s Skype or nothing.

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WHATTA DEAL  Okay, true fans, you can bid on signed copies of 5 books I’ve written, at The Nation auction.

BITS & PIECES   Drew Brees on cover of Sports Illustrated as Sportsmen of the Year …. Glenn Beck today on the radio confuses WikiPedia and WikiLeaks—seems to really not know difference.  In any case, finds nefarious link to George Soros.  Maybe he is Assange’s real Dad? ….Still waiting for reaction to WikiLeaks from Judy Miller’s "baseball cap guy.

TODAY’s MUSIC  "Gimme Shelter" must be one of the 10 greatest songs in rock ‘n roll history and now you can listen to some of the separate tracks—vocals, rhythm and lead guitar, drums, bass.   Incredible stuff, especially the legendary Merry Clayton vocal backing, with Mick below….a cappella, haunting.  


100 crazy holiday-decorated house displays in just two minutes, and cue the music.   Santa Laffs Is Coming to Town.


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