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Just what we wanted to hear: VP Biden on surprise visit to Afghanistan assures corrupt Karzai that he will get plenty of US aid past promised 2014 "pullout." Money for nothing and his kicks for free?

CBS poll: 1 in 6 Americans say violence against gov’t can be "justified," more than 1 in 4 GOPers say so (according to separate CBS response).

Think Progress breaks today: "Arizona Republicans Resign After Giffords Shooting, Citing Threats From Local Tea Partiers." Wife of one worried about precinct workers’ houses getting shot up.

WSJ gets access to Jared Loughner postings at gaming site. Plenty of anger, craziness and misogny, plus "Kill Cops," but no overt poltiics… NYT: Police say they went to Loughner’s home on numerous occasions, exactly why not yet revealed.

Huff Post takes down Cenk Uygur blog post on Tucsonyou can read it via here and judge yourself.

Palin finally speaks out today. Violent Rhetoric Doesn’t Inspire Violence

But Criticism Of Violent Rhetoric Does. Also, use of "blood libel" hit by some as anti-Semitic.

Now: Gun nuts, fit your weapon with a Rep. Wilson "You Lie" thingy.  Attached to your pistol. (Update: Site taken down.)…. Would you sell a used carbine to this man? Jack Shafer: Jared Loughner, ready for his photo op… Craziness Is a Warm Gun, yes it is: Glock sales surge.

Threats against lawmakers rarely lead to charges… Talking Points Memo: "Before Shooting, A Campaign Season Rife With Gun Rhetoric."

Even Matt Taibbi suggesting he’ll turn down the rhetorical bomb throwing in wake of Tucson… MIchael Kinsley recalls Bill O’Reilly’s wish that he get his head cut off. Good column overall…

Down memory lane from 2008: "Another Man Yells ‘Kill Him!’ About Obama At Palin Rally."

Yes, I am live-blogging all things WikiLeaks for a 46th day. Now, I know how Joe DiMaggio felt. You can catch with the yesterday’s Wiki news and views here.

New from Glenn Greenwald: Why Assange, and others, rightly fear "American justice."

pourmecoffee tweets: "Kathleen Parker is like Bruce Willis in Sixth Sense now

she’s gone but doesn’t quite know it yet."

GottaLaff tweets: "Sarah Palin shops at Target, but calls it Surveyors."


The Daily Show probes the Huck Finn no-N-word deletion. Yeah, restore the edits and change author’s name to Li’l Twain.

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The greatest, or in any case, my favorite 25 notes in the history of music (also first-ever solo introduction to a concerto of symphony). Or if you prefer, the greatest recent full live performance.

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