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Joe Biden on Charlie Rose tonite backs Israel, to the hilt, on Gaza ship attack, asking "what’s the big deal here?" 

Clive Crook hits Maureen Dowd column today (and others) calling for Obama to get all hot and bothered like James Carville to save presidency.  Meanwhile, Tom Friedman’s column backing Israel roundly mocked, such as here.   Profile at Raw Story of young guy who leads the  (very successful) drive to get advertisers to quit Glenn Beck.

Kudos to Rich Lowry, National Review ed., for this body slam of GOP candidate in CT, Linda McMahon, for her pro wrestling (and other) sleazy sell jobs….. Kirk, GOP candidate for Obama’s seat in Illinois,  exposed for telling another lie:  did NOT serve in Iraqi Operation Freedom.  And now, Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona, caught claiming her dad died fighting the Nazis–when he passed away ten years after war.

George W. Bush joins Facebook.  Give him a poke if you wish.  One visitor: "Mr. President, please don’t have your farm attack mine at Farmville." 

GAZA CRISIS  British PM Cameron calls Israeli attack "completely unacceptable" and calls for lifting blockade…..  NYT’s Robert Mackey points to Bibi Netanyahu’s Facebook page, which features hot video (perhaps aimed at younger set) which charges that Gaza-bound activists planned "terrorist" acts against Israelis…… Harold Meyerson in Wash Post hits blind Israel support by American Jews and notes chasm between views of younger and older population here.  Democracy Now:  Former Amb. Peck, who was on board ship, says Israel’s explanation  "as full of holes as a window screen."   

Think Progress: As predicted,  House Dems refuse to condemn attack and Nancy Pelosi won’t even discuss it.  But Barney Frank bravely declares:  As a Jew, I am ashamed of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.  My own tweet:   "BREAKING: Missing weapons from Gaza aid ship found — next to where Saddam buried all those WMD in Syria."

THAT’s OIL, FOLKS.   Democracy Now!  travels across coastal Lousiana.  GOP congressman calls oil spill just another "act of God."     John McCain tries to blame it all on former messiah,  Obama….. Nate Silver today finds some dip in Obama’s approval ratings from spill–but less than you’d think.

BITS & PIECES   NPR ombud says it has reported too-low number of Jewish settlers in Wet Bank and E. Jerusalem–because relied on bad CIA numvbers…… Survey finds two-thirds of Americans can’t name a single U.S. Supreme Court justice, 1% can name all of them…..  Consumer Reports: Toxins found in popular protein drinks…..  Floyd Norris at NYT blog explains why his productivity has plunged lately in blog post, "Cancer and Me." 


Gaza crisis updates:  Haaretz:  Debate erupts in Knesset today with charges of "pirate raid" and "traitor."  The Guardian: Eyewitnesses say Israelis fired shots before even boarding ship.  Battle of the videos: both sides show evidence but what’s missing is context and proof of who fired first.  Thomas Friedman column: a love letter to Israel and Turkey, claims aid mission was "setup" and activists wanted "violent confrontation."   Don’t miss: Glenn Greenwald debates apologist Eliot Spitzer–a guest host MSNBC–on the Israeli attack:  

Israel deports passengers as U.S. works to prevent more attacks on other ships en route.  Amos Oz for NYT: ship attack proof Israel leaders see Hamas as problem "to be crushed instead of solved." 

Eric Holder announces civil and criminal probes of oil leak.  BP made fishermen sign a contract banning them from speaking to media about what they saw on the job.    From Twitter feed of faux @BPGlobalPR commenting on DOJ criminal probe:   "If we’re being accused of being criminals, we want to be tried by a jury of our peers– wealthy execs who don’t give a damn."

Andy Borowitz:  "By a 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court just decided that the Gores have to stay married."

JURIES STILL OUT  Very troubling study finds black still blocked from many Southern juries.

MORE ON ISRAEL/GAZA Jerusalem Post:  Israel eases blockade a bit, and in dialogue about increasing flow of food to Gaza.   Peter Beinert with another good piece on Gaza blockade–with plenty of blame for "U.S. supporters."    Andrew Sullivan: latest incident suggests that Israel really might attack Iran without caring what U.S. thinks. George Packer at New Yorker:   Israel’s government bent on isolation and self-destruction, though he considers incident more a "blunder" than a "crime."  Great  Ann Telnaes cartoon.  Helen Thomas rails at White House over handling, see video.  Reporters Without Borders calls on Israel to release 15 journos it has seized.

KINGS OF COMEDY RETURN:  Stewart and Colbert back last night after two-week layoff.  Stewart led with fairly tough take on Obama and oil leak response.  Claims Obama only met with announcer Marv Albert to borrow his famous toupee for use in cleaning oil-slicked birds in the Gulf.    Colbert said we were "Up Brit Creek" without a paddle:

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CHRONIC JOBLESSNESS:  WSJ on longterm unemployment (length of time out of work) at highest mark ever…. Interesting NYT blog debate among experts:  How high can a change retirement date go?…. Meanwhile, Steve Pearlstein in Wash Post reveals that Blue Dog Democrats want to hike doctors’ pay, while cutting patient benefits.

TRUFFLE IN PARADISE  NYT Mag stands by its cover story on M.I.A. despite her protests.

ON THE CAN-PAIN TRAIL Former GOP party boss in Florida JIm Greer arrested, charges to be announced…..  Chris Cillizza covers some upsets in primaries yesterday in Alabama and New Mexico.  Black Democrat loses race for governor.  Party switcher also flops….Dave Weigel on defeat of the viral legend Dale Peterson and black GOPer backed by Palin….Even Mark Halperin admits rightwing is so loony right now the Dems have chance to do okay in November.  Nice photo of Obama/swastika sign….New Nikki Haley  ad in S. Carolina responds, it seems, to "affair" claims, as she asks voters to "meet my husband."

ANOTHER FUN POLITICAL AD PARODY  It’s been high season for them, starting with Dale Peterson fun, and now another candidate in Alabama–Tim James for Governor–has gained renown with a TV spot in which he campaigned against that tough target, sex offenders.  Voting was yesterday and James was in close race for runoff.  New parody: 


DUMB-DO-RAND-RAND   Will Bunch:  Rand Paul picked Kremlin-backed, 9/11 conspiracy web site over "Meet the Press" for interview.

A ROUND ON THE LINKS Felix Salmon of Reuters weighs in on raging debate, kicked off by Nick Carr, over where links should appear in online text, e.g., here in this case or at bottom of article (to decrease disruptions)…..Roy Greenslade of The Guardian:  research shows citizen journalism no real thrat to "mainstream" media.

BITS AND PIECES:  McClatchy:  Taliban attack during Karzai speech–at peace conference….. Matt Yglesias reporting all week from China….. As usual, Ezra Klein has more than you even need to know about latest on financial regulation…..  Shades of first years in Iraq: Afghan police get poor ratings for key work in Marja…..James O’Keefe on GMA claims:  I’m a journalist, not an activist.  If you believe that, he also has a bridge to sell ya.

TODAY’S LAFF   Mother Jones with fun story and slide show on how the military has fought STDs over the years, with wacky posters and use of, ahem, Donald Duck.   The mention classic World War II anti-VD military film, highlights below: