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Britain’s former MI5 chief blows apart Bush administration lies that got us into Iraq — NYT buries, puts horseshoes on page one.

If you can handle it:   Lengthy transcript of Hitchens interviewed by righty Hugh Hewitt.  Hitch discussed cancer treatment at start, then wide range of subjects — including critical views on Israel and settlements.    

Jonah & The Whale:  Even Jonah Goldberg says Breitbart should apologize to Shirley Sherrod. …  David Frum on why the right will never renounce Breitbart even after ridiculously counter-factual Sherrod ….  Bonus:  A friend re-arranged Andrew Breitbart’s name to get  "Aberrant Web Dirt."  Now at Twitter @JCM359 offers: "Barbered Rat Twin."…   Problem with Sherrod calling Fox "racist" is that it may turn conversation that way instead of what happened to her. 

Huff Post:  Daily Caller failed to mention its own reporter was on leftwing "conspiracy" JournoList 

Students are standing outside of some of the most highly patrolled and politicized spots in the country, declaring their illegal immigration status in order to help push for immigration law reform.

Blago fails to testify in own defense, after all of this.


Third and final part of Wash Post  "Top Secret America" focuses on Fort Meade, outside D.C. Scott Horton of Harper’s reviews the series here.

My wrapup & links on Shirley Sherrod case elsewhere on this blog. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, who prematurely sacked her (with White House okay) after Andrew Breitbart posted edited video, now says he may re-consider the firing. Sherrod told ABC this morning she’s not sure she would accept old job back.

Mike Allen at Politico reports today his chat with White House official about the Sherrod affair: “Not sure what the ultimate result will be, but it’s clear that with new information through the full speech, a longer look needed to be taken. The White House contacted the Department last night about the case and agreed, based on new evidence, that it should be reviewed.” He also indicated that Vilsack probably won’t lose his job over this. See video of Brietbart and Media Matters Eric Boehlert down the page below. 

Several weeks ago we brought you the first Campaign 2010 fun mashup by Huff Post’s great Ben Craw. Now, thankfully, there’s a Part II.


The Guardian:  UK troops could start leaving Afghanistan next year, says David Cameron.  L.A. Times: Sypport for endless Afghan war continues to fade on Capitol Hill.

NBC’s Chuck Todd tweets:  "Pres. Obama’s job ratings with white voters are actually slightly higher than Pres. Bush’s ratings with white voters at this point in ’06."

Andy Borowitz:  "Lindsay Lohan is fitting in well in prison. They don’t even have to ask her to strip."

IN A FAMILY WAY  My new piece on banned Family Guy episode on abortion — and you can watch excerpt and debate it.

NO CLIMATE FOR CHANGE  Climate bill in Congress now "on life support…. With hopes for climate legislation fading in the Senate, environmentalists are frustrated that President Barack Obama hasn’t done more to push a bill through … Some of the country’s largest environmental groups considered a TV advertising campaign criticizing the president for not doing enough to capture the 60 Senate votes needed to pass a bill. But the groups pulled back after deciding such a campaign wouldn’t be effective or worth the money."

BYTES & PIECES   NY Observer: Intrigue and ruffled feathers at NYT Mag as editor Gerry Mazorati exits…..A petiition in support of Elizabeth Warren as Director of Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection … Tim Fernholz at American Prospect captures how Ross Douthat defends and justifies ideas he lacks courage to explicitly advocate.  

BREITBART vs. BOEHLERT   On GMA this morning re: Sherrod case:


DEAN ON LIST  First book — on Howard Dean’s grassroots legacy — by my former ace intern Ari Berman (now a Nation vet) coming in September, here’s new site.


The hot new anti-nuclear doc Countdown to Zero is opening Friday, and naturally, it shows Gen. Jack D. Ripper ordering an attack–so here is the original, and for many years never seen, trailer for Dr. Strangelove. 


Given the Shirley Sherrod controversy, it seems like an apt time to air Otis Redding’s version of Sam Cooke’s "Change Is Gonna Come," one of the great songs of the century.