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A group of journalists on board the flotilla bound for the Gaza Strip in May plan to sue Israel for violating international law, never returning their equipment, using their credit cards, among other things.

Yahoo: Yes, Levi and Bristol Palin getting married, Mom only finding out now.  Andy Borowitz:  "Bristol Palin didn’t know how to tell her mom she was engaged. But then she tried one-syllable words."

TPM:  GOPers to the unemployed: Get a job already!  What’s holding you up?  More from TPM:   Denver Post claims Colorado Republican Scott McInnis had another plagiarism incident stating that there are "sticking similarities" between a story from McInnis and one from the Washington Post.

BP has delayed their well integrity test on the new sealing cap that was recently placed on the gushing oil, with some claiming they fear a horrific rupture.  "Yesterday was not my best day on forecasting," says Kent Wells, senior vice president…. An art collective called Culture Beyond Oil decided to pour molasses around a statue at the British Museum in London to protest its involvement with BP.

The Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee is trying to back Senate Republican candidates into a well-planned, political corner by pushing them to state whether or not they would repeal the proposed financial regulatory reform law, which the Senate is set to pass this week.

See my new piece here on 65th anniversary of the birth of the Nuclear Age with the Trinity test — and the cover-ups that followed.

The comments Paul McCartney made about President Bush during his White House concert last month (including, "After the last eight years, it’s great to have a president who knows what a library is") will not be aired in the PBS special  July 28.

Jack Lew, Obama’s pick for to lead the Office of Management and Budget,  served as chief operating officer of Citigroup Alternative Investments in 2008, a unit that profited off the housing collapse and financial crisis by "investing in a hedge fund king who correctly predicted the eventual subprime meltdown and now finds himself involved in the center of the U.S. government’s fraud case against Goldman Sachs."


NOLA vs. BP  Six New Orleans police officers indicted in Danziger Bridge Case. … Musicians from the Hot 8 Brass Band in New Orleans record (below) stirring anti-BP song, "Sorry, Ain’t Enough No More." 

DEATHS IN AFHANISTAN: Troops, suicides, civilians.  Remember when U.S. troop deaths in Afghanistan finally topped 1000 — just a short bit ago?  Now up to 1158 after another bloody spell. .. 53 Marine suicides last year, and rate has doubled.  Mark Benjamin with another "predictable"  one at Camp Lejeune… Nick Turse at TomDispatch on the absence of images of civilian casualties in Afghanistan, and critique of Sebastian Junger and Restrepo

BOSS ON BOSS  Rush Limbaugh’s Steinbrenner eulogy:  The "cracker made…African-Americans millionaires.”  … Maureen Dowd on how Steinbrenner finally gave his OK for Seinfeld to parody him ( and see video at bottom of page):  He actually thought George Costanza was named after him.

STUCK IN GAZA Major NYT piece on growing torment of Gazans under blockade.  "Gaza, on almost every level, is stuck."

NOT EXACTLY COVERT  Russian spy Anna Chapman updates Facebook status just hours after arriving in Russia.

NL = GOP WINS  Damn you, National League:  Study finds that NL win in All-Star game always anticipates big GOP election gains….  NAACP resolution calls on Tea Party to denounce racism:

NANCY NOT WITH SMILING FACE  Speaker Pelosi rips White House spokesman Robert Gibbs for suggesting Dems may very well lose control of the House in November.  What the hell does he know, she asks? …  Despite rough few weeks, Al Gore maintaining activism and support of liberals. 

NON-AMERICAN PSYCHOS   Classic Mel Gibson vs. Christian Bale screaming expletive mashup.

WHAT A SHOCK   Gallup finds that most upper-income Americans feel their standard of living is still rising nicely…. 

PACKING HEAT   A team of Stanford University researchers found the U.S. could experience constant heat waves over the next 30 years, stressing crops like corn and cotton. It would be like the kind that swept across Europe in 2003 that caused tens of thousands of fatalities.

BURQA’S LAW  French parliament approves ban on burqa-like Islamic veils. In Sept. the ban will be presented to the Senate where it will most likely pass and then it’s only real barrier will be legal scholars questioning its constitutionality…. BBC:  As young Africans change their sex habits, their HIV rates go down.

BITS & PIECES:   Ha:  Ad for copy editor positon at Charlotte Observer includes several errors …. Vaseline launches a new skin lightening application for Facebook. Users can make their skin look whiter in their profile pictures. ….From Free Press:  For a primer on what’s at stake with the proposed Comcast/NBC merger visit:… Marc Cooper on L.A. Times continuing its rightward drift with a key promotion.


Melding two American institutions I never much cared for — the late George Steinbrenner and Seinfeld — here’s a brief clip of Larry David intimidating by name-dropping managers he has fired.




Yeah, we are looking forward to catching the likely terrific The Kids Are All Right but in the meantime here are The Who in vintage performance of their song (dig the drum fills) — and yes, they did spell it "Alright," all right?