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GUY NAMED JOE   Joe Biden tells veterans he did NOT serve in Vietnam, adding, "I don’t want to make a ‘Blumenthal’ mistake here."  When will it become a verb, you know, "to blumenthal" when you lie or exagerate for gain? 

VIEW TO A KILL   Coast Guard just gave BP okay to try the "top kill" on leak….ProPublica:  More reports of illnesses from the Gulf emerge. 

NIKKI TIME:   TPM has wild update on S. Carolina alleged "sex scandal" story–with blogger Will  Folks publishing frantic  text messages from days before he went public this week with claims of affair with married frontrunner candidate Nikki Haley.  AP reporter wrote texts, as did GOP operative (who confirms authenticity).  And TPM later adds this.

PIMPING OUT A PLEA   Anti-ACORN "filmmaker"  James O’Keefe pleads to misdemenor today for incident at Sen. Landrieu’s office–gets probation, fine, must do 100 hours of community service (with Acorn?) 

PALIN POETRY:   Remember when making poems out of Rumsfeld prose proved so easy–and popular?  Now Slate tries it with our new poet laureate, Dame Sarah.   One verbatim sample:  "Contested primaries! So I’m glad to see/  The contest in California’s GOP."    And:  "Great destiny, our destiny!  To be reached by—responsibly!"

PALIN HATE MAIL:  Wash Post blogger Dave Weigel (he’s hardly a liberal) wrote piece yesterday defending Joe McGinniss moving next to Palin in researching book.  He reports today he got more hate mail than any time previous, and prints samples…Slate also defends McGinniss.

BITS & PIECES   Rand Paul fires campaign manager.  Also, Libertarians say they will run candidate against him in KY…..Fox today really pushing what they call "the Sestak scandal" and suggesting may be "impeachment" of Obama to come…..This ain’t no party (nor disco): David Byrne at journal goes more deeply into why he’s suing Charlie Crist for use of Talking Heads song……The Brits revealed today they have exactly 225  nuclear warheads. Does that mean Tories get 180 and LibDems 45.

MINI ME   My new piece on NYT’s "mini-culpa" on Iraq coverage, marking 6th anniversary.


LEAKED DOCS Documents released by congressional panel reveal what happened in final minutes before Gulf oil rig explosion–and maybe how could have been halted….After threatening to cut off live feed of its "top kill" attempt to stem oil leak, BP agrees to show live today.  Gov. Jindal to offer commentary on CNN…..

CHENEY TO BLAME?  Marc Cooper:  Obama may be buried in oil spill disaster….McClatchy:  Actually, it’s legal issues that are driving (or not driving) BP’s response….White House official admits to Maureen Dowd, hey, maybe we SHOULD have probed Cheney and his oil dealings after all. 

BP TWEETS Twitter feed @BPGlobalPR has more followers than BP’s official site.  Sample tweet today:  "New solution: Everybody drive your cars into the gulf with your gas caps open! You’ll get a full tank and we’ll only charge $20 cash!"  Another: "We feel terrible about spilling oil in American waters, we’ll make sure the next spill happens where the terrorists live."

DRONES OVER ARIZONA? He’s sending 1200 National Guard troops, but Arizona Gov. Brewer asks Obama if he can  spare any predator drones from Afghan to patrol her border.

B-BALL, NOT  BP:  Obama talks to Marv Albert from White House court during NBA game last night:  “I probably play [basketball] once every two to three weeks, not as often as I’d like. But during, say, the health care debate, when things are just going crazy over on Capitol Hill, a lot of times I’ll just come out here and shoot or I’ll play a game of HORSE and it takes an edge off things. .. Nobody ever lets me win because if you let me win, you’ll never hear the end of it. I’ll talk a little trash about you. I’ll make you feel bad about yourself if we beat you real bad."

A REAL CORKER Wash Post reviews GOP senators meeting with Obama yesterday.  Sen. Pat Roberts: Obama should have taken a "valium."    And maybe, roll over, Fido?

RETRIEVES WIN  Rep. Labrador gained GOP primary win in Idaho, defeats Palin-backed candidate accused to plagiarizing Obama 2004 speech.

ALAN ALDA AVAILABLE?   Bill Maher tweets: "If there’s another Korean war do u think at least they’ll bring back M*A*S*H?"

THE RIGHT STUFF  Alternet excerpts upcoming book,  "How Obama’s Election Drove the American Right Insane." ….John Stossel’s views on Civil Right Act so neandertthal even Bill O’Reilly  takes him apart……Clarence Thomas’  not-as-silent wife launches Tea Party project–and you can buy the t-shirt….. Minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist accused of selling political endorsements….

SLICK AD PARODY  The folks at Second City update BP commercial:

YOO DIRTY RAT:  NYT today seems to think torture advocate’s views on Elena Kagan are worth half a page.  No, I’m am not kidding–or linking.

LOSING IN PAKISTAN   NYT video on how U.S. is being defeated — in media coverage there of "conspiracies."

BUSH: COLD TURKEY?  George W. Bush in speech reveals that his upcoming memoir begins with decision to stop drinking, says his first line comes from Laura:  "Can you tell me a day in which you have not had a drink?”  Her gain, our loss?

ELENA WHO?  New CBS poll finds that 72% of Americans still don’t know enough (or anything) about Kagan to form a view.   Probably half think she was an American Idol contestant this year.

GOIN’ TO CAROLINA   Palin’s pal,  NIkki Haley in S. Carolina, accuses enemies of being behind sudden sex scandal claims….while Folks, her "accuser, " says he has years of emails and texts and his site stands behind him.  He talks to TPM about protecting his own reputation.   The NYT got to story today, complete with nice color photo of Haley and Folks–with Mark Sanford….

GOING FOR GALT  Mike Allen previews George Will’s column for tomorrow on sales of Atlas Shrugged:    Over 600,000 copies since Obama took office.  Still, George, that’s not as big a surge as gun and ammunition sales.

MESS WITH BILL  David Leonhardt analyzes finanacial reform bill and four ways need to improve it and make it work.  Much more at Ezra Klein’s "wonk" page.

ONLINE GETS TOOLED/SCHOOLED   USA Today falls for iPad-on-your-steering-wheel hoax…..  But for real:  miracle digital tool can let you avoid all Justin Bieber items on the Web.  Great gift for Father’s Day by the way….Also: a new sarcasm-detection program.  Really great, huh? …..Garrison Keillor: In a world where everything’s free on the Web, what will happen to publishing? 

BITS & PIECES   Vanity Fair:  At high school in Georgia students dress up in KKK outfits in school cafeteria for class project. …Sen. Jim Webb to vote "no" on DADT.  Is compromise, maybe, in trouble? …..Sexism a Givhan? Wash Post fashion writer denies it re: column on Kagan not crossing her legs…. Texas executed 12th prisoner yesterday.  Rest of nation:  11.   Another Bush legacy.

TODAY’s LAFF   TV reporter should stick to day job–or maybe not even that.